Now The Greens Have Gone TOO FAR!

Do Not Tell Me What Toilet Paper To Use. That’s just one step over the line. Rant all you want about my SUV, my carbon footprint, my wood stove, my meat eating habits, my cows in the field. But when it comes to wiping MY ass, kindly butt out.

The New York Times reports this morning that,
… The country’s soft-tissue habit — call it the Charmin effect — has not escaped the notice of environmentalists, who are increasingly making toilet tissue manufacturers the targets of campaigns. Greenpeace on Monday for the first time issued a national guide for American consumers that rates toilet tissue brands on their environmental soundness. With the recession pushing the price for recycled paper down and Americans showing more willingness to repurpose everything from clothing to tires, environmental groups want more people to switch to recycled toilet tissue.

“No forest of any kind should be used to make toilet paper,” said Dr. Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist and waste expert with the Natural Resource Defense Council…

Environmental groups… are hoping that Americans will become as conscious of the environmental effects of their toilet tissue use as they are about light bulbs or other products.

Dr. Hershkowitz is pushing the high-profile groups he consults with, including Major League Baseball, to use only recycled toilet tissue. At the Academy Awards ceremony last Sunday, the gowns were designer originals but the toilet tissue at the Kodak Theater’s restrooms was 100 percent recycled…

Marcal, the oldest recycled-paper maker in the country, emerged from bankruptcy under new management last year with a plan to spend $30 million on what is says will be the first national campaign to advertise a toilet tissue’s environmental friendliness. Marcal’s new chief executive, Tim Spring, said the company had seen intense interest in the new product from chains like Walgreens. The company will introduce the new toilet tissue in April, around Earth Day…

“Our idea is that you don’t have to spend extra money to save the Earth,” [Mr. Spring] said. “And people want to know what happens to the paper they recycle. This will give them closure.”
“Closure” about toilet paper?

Green Hell Blog

I just bought a brand new chainsaw with a 36″ cutting bar. Trees be warned, I’m coming after you just because of the idiots that try to protect you. BWAHHAAAHHHAAAAHHAAAA!!!

Oh yeah, and for the uniformed “stinky finger” crowd, trees are the MOST renewable resource we have, idiots.

Moonbattery has even more disturbing news.

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