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Attending a Tax Day Tea Party? PJTV Wants You

Tea Party TV — the go-to place for news on the Tea Party Movement — will be streaming comprehensive coverage of the Tax Day Tea Party events. They are inviting citizen reporters to help cover those events. Last year, more than 800 citizen reporters submitted videos and photos to PJTV as they reported on the tax day events in their home towns. This year, 900 citizen reporters have signed up already. You may want to add your voice to these rallies.

If you do, here’s how to do it. Using your iPhone device, you can email the videos you take at the Tax Day Tea Parties right from the event in real time. And you can email the photos you are taking too.

Register as a PJTV Citizen Reporter here.

Send your practice videos or photos at any time before April 15 to see how the whole process works.
On April 15, email your videos to us in real time, right from the tax day events.

Email videos to:
Email photos to:

Right now, all you have to do is sign up here.

As Glenn Reynolds notes, “With people apparently planning to infiltrate the protests with fake ‘racism,’ citizen reporting is even more important than usual.”


Go Ahead, Laugh at California. You Are Next

If you haven’t heard the saying “As California Goes, So Goes The Nation”, you had better listen up. Thankfully, it looks like the TEA parties had some effect yesterday, but pay  attention to the train wreck that is headed your way.

Sadly, I did vote for Arnold, twice, I’m so ashamed about the second time. 😳  Hindsight being 20/20, I should have voted for Mary Carey. 😀 Honestly, she did run for Governor. But so did Gary Coleman and Larry Flint.

No, really Tom McClintock should have been the Governor. He’s in the video if you haven’t watched it.

The California media is not pleased with the voters going against the liberal agenda. But that’s nothing new, we voted down gay marriage twice and they are still upset. Michelle Malkin has the scoop on the Sacremento Bee. They still think the TEA parties were a joke. Well, the joke is on them, and it’s not going to sit well, so be forewarned.

Hey, Zo wants you to see something

Janeane Garafolo says the tea parties were a gathering of racists.

Strange, that these racists would welcome a black man to speak at their racist gathering at the state capital.

I wasn’t expecting to speak, I just went up to get some footage for PJTV, but the organizer of the Tea Party found out I was there, and requested I come up and say a few words. How racist!!!

If you’re a right winger and are tired of the media painting you as racist, spread this vid and watch the left downplay it and expose themselves even more as the true racists!

God bless, ya!

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