Al Gore Doesn’t Want You To Know This

While all eyes are on the health care ripoff, regular business is ignored in hopes you will not notice. Pay some attention to this.

Whether or not we drill for more American oil and gas before at least 2015 could be decided in 20 days.
And Al Gore and his environmental allies are working hard behind the scenes to make sure that we don’t drill.  So we need to work even harder.

The U.S. Department of Interior decides when and where we drill, and they decide based on public feedback.

This means that if they hear from more people that are opposed to drilling than are for it, then no new drilling will happen until at least 2015. And they’re only accepting comments until September 21.

Those of us who want to drill now must rule the day.

The environmental groups are already collecting hundreds of thousands of signatures and we need to surpass them to win the public comment period.

The way for you to help right now is to submit your comment at

Everything is pre-written for you, so all you have to do is enter your information and hit “Submit Letter.”

This is about creating more American jobs by developing more American energy. This is about making sure that our energy needs are never held hostage to foreign countries that don’t like us.

Please submit your comments right now at and ask your friends to do the same.

Thanks so much for your time and participation.

Dan Varroney
Senior Vice-President & COO
American Solutions for Winning the Future


Some Quick Bites

Wasting Your Tax $$$…

The House already had spent $89,000 to cancel out 24,000 tons of emissions that it couldn’t erase by turning out lights, buying better light bulbs and making the Capitol’s power plant burn more natural gas.

The money bought “offsets,” which fund projects that reduce greenhouse gases, such as capturing methane from farm manure ponds, that supposedly wouldn’t have happened without the investment.

It also bought bragging rights for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other congressional leaders.

…And Demanding More

Get Ready For Another Screwing!

House Democrats are looking at yet another economic stimulus bill beyond the $787 billion one just enacted as investors and consumers continue to show little faith in the economy.

At a special meeting of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on Tuesday morning, Democrats heard again from their trusted band of economists and came away reinforced that Congress would need to spend billions of additional taxpayer dollars in the coming months to help pull the economy out its severe recession.

Keep your pants on Bub

TULSA, Okla. – Police said a man was robbed of his casino winnings by two women he met at the casino and invited home with him. The man won about $2,000 at the Creek Nation Casino and then invited the women to gamble with him and go home with him for drinks about 4 a.m. Monday, police said. The man told the officer the women said they were massage therapists and removed his pants then left with his cash.

About That Offshore Drillin’….It Was A Lie.

The California State Lands Commission denied the first new oil drilling lease in 40 years, ending a much-hoped for energy project off Santa Barbara.

No one should be surprised, but here’s a noteworthy back story.

Every shot a “Hero Shot” in Obama-land

Several bloggers are having good fun with the discovery of a subdirectory of White House photos categorized under the name “hero.” (See Small Dead Animals, Jeff Emanuel, and Bob McCarthy).

Obama Unplugged…er ah um uh uh…his Teleprompter Unplugged

Um, Obama defends his, Er-uh, record against the, uh, accusations that he, uh-uh, is a raging socialist.
Joshua Pundit discovered Obama’s call back to reporters after brewing about being called a socialist by the pro-Obama press:

Another Obama Nominee Withdraws. Charles Freeman Out

The more people found out about Freeman, the worse he got — and not just among conservative critics. His ties to CNOOC, his remarks about the Tiananmen Square protesters, and his support of a national ID after 9/11 painted a strange picture of the man who would run the process of evaulating our intelligence. That, plus the fact that Freeman had no intelligence experience — when the CIA also has a no-experience political fixer running it — doomed Freeman’s appointment.

Zo’s Latest: Crybaby

Visit Zo at Macho Sauce Productions

Well There’s Yer Problem

The problem with Democrats

The problem with Democrats

California is broke. You hear the Guvenator hollering about it all the time. Now here’s an opportunity for more cash flow into the state, but right away the obstructionist Democratic government uses the same tired rhetoric to say no to oil drilling. There is so much oil off the coast of Santa Barbara it bubbles up from the bottom of the ocean and fouls the beaches. Some extra drilling could probably help with that too. Now I don’t know how much money expanding an oil drilling operation might bring in, but keep in mind, this is California, you need to pay for an EPA study and a permit just to fart.

LOS ANGELES —- Lt. Gov. John Garamendi said Thursday he opposes allowing a company to expand oil drilling off the coast of Santa Barbara because it could signal that California wants to renew offshore drilling.

Garamendi chairs the three-member State Lands Commission, which is set to consider a request next week to lease land to Plains Exploration & Production Co. for the drilling project.

“It raises many issues, doesn’t it?” he asked. “It’s been a long, long time since there’s been new leases in California, so the precedent is really, really important.”

Garamendi said revenue from any new offshore drilling should be used to reduce the state’s dependency on oil.

“I’m a no vote unless and until the revenue from any new lease goes to reduce greenhouse gas emission issues,” he said.

Even the environmentalists are for the expanded drilling.

In a landmark partnership, several anti-oil groups supported the drilling plan in exchange for promises by the company to shut down its local operations within 14 years and give away thousands of acres of land.

The criticism came as a surprise to the Santa Barbara environmental groups that lobbied hard for the project.

Linda Krop, an attorney representing the Environmental Defense Center, Get Oil Out! and the Citizens Planning Association of Santa Barbara, hopes the panel can be persuaded to issue permits to drill.

“Our fear is that we’ll lose all these benefits if this project is denied,” Krop said.

So what’s the problem? Democrats. They are always the problem.

Critics in the state Assembly and Coastal Commission recently challenged the proposal, saying it could encourage even more drilling in the future.

Garamendi said he has spoken with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., as well as other members of the California congressional delegation who expressed “significant concern” that approving a drilling proposal could undercut their efforts to reintroduce a federal moratorium on the practice.

State Lands executive officer Paul Thayer said staff’s recommendation came in part because the proposal violated a long-standing position held by the commission.

“The commission has established a policy that offshore oil drilling in California is less beneficial to the state than the things that might be harmed by it,” Thayer said.

So there you have it. The problem is, as always, Democrats and their tired old rhetoric. It’s their policy, what the majority of people may want means nothing to them.


T Boone Playing Dirty

It's all out war

It's all out war

He buys his own army of government officials.

He boasts his own self-declared army and the support of 13 governors, 53 congressmen and 180 mayors, along with the Sierra Club and the American Lung Association. He has plugged his cause on countless news shows and spent $60 million of his own money on a massive ad spree.

He tries to sell directly to our president and both candidates.

Mr. Pickens took his plan first to President Bush. The two men met in the Oval Office in April.

“The president sat and listened for an hour and a half,” Mr. Pickens says. “And then nothing happened. No call back. Nothing. So I decided to do it myself.”

He didn’t fare much better with the two presidential nominees. When he sat down with Sen. John McCain in August, the Arizona Republican chastised him for “trying to pick winners” by so openly favoring natural gas. President-elect Barack Obama seemed more amenable when the two met in a hotel conference room in Reno, Nev., a few weeks later.

Mr. Pickens sketched out his plan in series of pie charts on a white board. “He didn’t do any back flips or anything but he did seem to like what I was saying,” Mr. Pickens says.

He threatened the trucking industry.

So Mr. Pickens shifted his focus to the country’s truckers, saying that all new long-haul trucks should be required to run on natural gas. That didn’t sit well with former Kansas Gov. Bill Graves, who heads the American Trucking Association.

The son of a truck operator, Mr. Graves laid out his objections over breakfast recently in Mr. Pickens’s suite. Many companies, he noted, are already turning to diesel hybrids. Natural gas-run trucks are about a third more expensive than traditional diesel trucks. Nationwide filling stations for natural gas don’t exist.

“How do you just airlift in the infrastructure to make this happen?” he said.

Mr. Pickens has recently taken to labeling his critics as un-American. Mr. Graves got the full dose.

“Bill, I just want to warn you on this,” Mr. Pickens said, putting down his fork. “I’m going to make you look unpatriotic for supporting foreign oil. I just want to make sure you understand that.”

Taken aback, Mr. Graves pointed out raspberries and croissants arrayed before them. The foreign oil helped deliver the food, he said. “We wouldn’t have any of this here if our trucks hadn’t delivered it,” he said. “So what’s more patriotic, Boone?”

He declared war.

Mr. Pickens has recently taken to labeling his critics as un-American.

“This to me is like a war without guns,” says Mr. Pickens between a flurry of meetings one recent morning in his hotel suite across from the White House.

The collapse of the financial market, and the vote in California killed his wind turbine project. The drop in crude oil from $160 a bbl to $40 a bbl, killed his propane project. So now he will take a piece out of Al Gore’s Global Warming Playbook, and launch an all out propaganda campaign to spread his lies. I can’t figure him out. He doesn’t need the money, and with the price of crude oil where it is, we should drill here and drill now, before the next upturn in prices. It’s never been clearer. But he still wants government money to pay for his far fetched schemes. It must be the thrill of the chase. I guess it still falls into the Follow The Money category though.


Using The Polar Bear Once Again

Dude....we still got it

Dude....we still got it

Let me point out right here, this ruling was not about oil companies. It was about global warming and the effect it would have on the poor polar bears. See how fast the subject changes?

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The US Interior Department will designate within two years protected areas of the Arctic that are considered critical habitat for polar bears and cannot be harmed by oil development as part of a legal settlement with environmental groups on Monday.

The Interior Department formally listed polar bears as threatened in May, but did not create protected areas for them.

Environmental groups said the threatened listing needed to be coupled with habitat designations to protect polar bears from spreading oil development or other industry impacts.

“You can’t protect a species without protecting the place where it lives,” said Kassie Siegel, a staff attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity, one of the three groups who sued the Bush administration to secure the designation.

“After global warming, oil development is the biggest threat to polar bears,” said Siegel.

Oil companies, looking for untapped resources, are turning to the ice-filled waters of the Arctic as potentially lucrative areas for development. Environmentalists see oil development disturbing a delicate habitat for many Arctic wildlife.

The Center for Biological Diversity, Greenpeace and the Natural Resources Defense Council are still suing the government to have polar bears listed as “endangered,” a more critical classification than the current “threatened” listing.

The groups are also seeking to force the Interior Department to mandate regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, which the environmentalists argue are the root cause of the polar bears’ problems.

When it designated the bears as threatened, the Interior Department acknowledged that the rapidly warming Arctic climate has damaged polar bears’ habitat and the species’ chances to avoid extinction.

The partial settlement, filed on Monday in US District Court in Oakland, California, establishes a June 30, 2010, deadline for the critical habitat designation that was considered important to the species.

“We certainly intended to make a decision on critical habitat anyway,” said Bruce Woods, spokesman for the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Alaska headquarters.


So now the truth comes out. It had nothing to do with global warming, it was all to do with stopping the drilling. I told you so. If you doubt me, or even if you don’t,  Read This.

Offshore Oil Still Years Away?

From those optimists at Associated Press.

A quarter-century ban on offshore exploration expires in this coming week, but don’t expect to see a chain of drilling platforms from the beaches anytime soon.

It will take a couple of years, at least, before any oil or natural gas leases are issued, years more before any oil is found and perhaps a decade before any of it begins to flow to refineries.

And what if Congress, after completing a bill Saturday that removes the freeze, changes its mind next year and again puts some of the coastal waters off-limits?

Who wins the Nov. 4 presidential election is the biggest factor.

It’s the government’s oil and gas. The Interior Department, directed by the White House, will have wide discretion over where leases will be made available and how soon.

If McCain is President:

“We will drill offshore and we will drill them now,” Republican nominee John McCain proclaimed at the GOP convention. He probably would direct the department to accelerate its leasing schedule to include the newly opened regions.

If Obama is President:

Democratic Barack Obama is certain to take a more measured approach if elected. While Obama has said he favors limited expansion into areas that have been off-limits, he has given no specifics, and insists it should be done only as part of a broader agenda that promotes alternative energy and conservation.

The oil isn’t 10 years away as they like to say. I’ve heard it said that oil can be flowing in as little as 3-4 years. It’s no time to be a wimp. Drill It Now! Drop the regulations, issue the permits, and let’s get on with it. We need to get out of this mess now, and fix it for good. With the current economic trouble, this could save us in two ways, more jobs and less dependence on countries that would like to think they can bloody our nose while we are weak. We can still develop alternative power while we drill our own oil. In my opinion, everything needs to be fast tracked like we did during WW2. And that also means a President that has determination and a mind of his own. Not one that waits to see what Soros and the daily kos wants him to do.


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