Inside the Letterman/Palin Flap

I got an email from John Ziegler today pointing me to this article at Big Hollywood.

The fact that I’ve needed to correct the record every time I’m involved in some sort of media firestorm (about once a month since the election, it seems), probably says at least as much about the pathetic nature of our news media as anything I put in my documentary “Media Malpractice,” a film whose truth I’ve dedicated almost all of the last year of my life to. The most recent episode involving the controversy over David Letterman’s comments about Governor Sarah Palin and her family is certainly no exception.

First, let me tell you what really happened, and then I can explain what we should all learn from this.  Here’s the timeline…

Monday, June 8th: Letterman uses Palin’s trip to New York to unleash a torrent of  ”comic” attacks on her and her family. The entire “Top Ten” list is devoted to the Governor and includes cracks about her updating her “slutty” wardrobe and possessing illegal drugs. The monologue includes a “joke” about Palin’s “daughter” getting “knocked up” at a Yankees game by Alex Rodriquez during the 7th inning stretch while her mother and a stadium full of spectators presumably watched.

Here’s The Rest…

John also writes this. “I urge you to check the film at”

And with what is happening in Iran lately it is a very fitting movie. Check out the story Neda: Her Execution…My Rant! at Nuke’s. no2liberals did a fine job of eulogizing her. Never forget what happened to this young woman, and what she was asking for when she was murdered. Freedom. Something we take for granted every day.

neda never forget

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