How Long Before Letterman Goes After This Sara?

Eleven year old Sara Warmack gives her ‘Freedom’ speech to a  crowd of over 2,000 at Tea Party fireworks rally in Tallahassee, FL. July 4th, 2009.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a president who could speak so eloquently without a teleprompter?

Quote and video are from Moonbattery.


Inside the Letterman/Palin Flap

I got an email from John Ziegler today pointing me to this article at Big Hollywood.

The fact that I’ve needed to correct the record every time I’m involved in some sort of media firestorm (about once a month since the election, it seems), probably says at least as much about the pathetic nature of our news media as anything I put in my documentary “Media Malpractice,” a film whose truth I’ve dedicated almost all of the last year of my life to. The most recent episode involving the controversy over David Letterman’s comments about Governor Sarah Palin and her family is certainly no exception.

First, let me tell you what really happened, and then I can explain what we should all learn from this.  Here’s the timeline…

Monday, June 8th: Letterman uses Palin’s trip to New York to unleash a torrent of  ”comic” attacks on her and her family. The entire “Top Ten” list is devoted to the Governor and includes cracks about her updating her “slutty” wardrobe and possessing illegal drugs. The monologue includes a “joke” about Palin’s “daughter” getting “knocked up” at a Yankees game by Alex Rodriquez during the 7th inning stretch while her mother and a stadium full of spectators presumably watched.

Here’s The Rest…

John also writes this. “I urge you to check the film at”

And with what is happening in Iran lately it is a very fitting movie. Check out the story Neda: Her Execution…My Rant! at Nuke’s. no2liberals did a fine job of eulogizing her. Never forget what happened to this young woman, and what she was asking for when she was murdered. Freedom. Something we take for granted every day.

neda never forget

Fire David Letterman. They Fired Imus For Less

Yep, that’s right. All Imus said was “Nappy Headed Hoes” and Letterman called Sarah Palin a slut, and joked about her 14 year old daughter being raped by a 33 year old baseball player. Then he had the balls to say he meant her 18 year old daughter. Yeah, that makes it all O.K. What a useless piece of sh!t. Well anyway, there’s a rally tomorrow and the details are below. Oh, and did I mention, it’s the same company that employed Imus, and now employes Letterman? That would be CBS.

NEW YORK, Jun 15, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) — A diverse coalition of concerned citizens, whose website is, today announced a Fire David Letterman Rally on Tuesday, June 16, from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm on the sidewalks outside the Ed Sullivan Theater, located at 1697 Broadway in New York City. CBS films the Late Show with David Letterman at the Ed Sullivan Theater. Tuesday’s show, hosted by Letterman, will be taped at 5:30 pm, and will feature guest Michelle Pfeiffer.

Anna Barone, who worked for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign, and later for Democrats for McCain, called on CBS CEO Les Moonves to fire David Letterman for his sexist insults of both Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Palin’s 14 year old daughter.

“David Letterman’s disgraceful comments were a violation of standards of common decency. They were as bad as the comments Don Imus made that caused CBS to fire him in 2007. CBS needs to apply the same standards to David Letterman they applied to Don Imus,” said Barone.

John Ziegler, producer of the documentary film Media Malpractice, called for representatives of the New York City Chapter of NOW to join the rally, and for the group to call for CBS to fire David Letterman.

“In 2007 NOW called for the firing of Don Imus in a situation that was far less egregious than what happened here. Are they once again going to sell out their principles for politics? It is clear that Letterman needs to be held accountable in some way for this and the unprecedented media assault on the Palin family must end,” said Ziegler.

New York State Assemblyman Brian Kolb, who has already publicly sent a letter to CBS CEO Les Moonves stating that CBS should fire Letterman, is also one of the leaders of the Fire David Letterman Movement, whose website is


Michelle Malkin has an opinion too. (I just love her) Letterman’s half-assed apology

Just a side note, I hope Todd has a few “personal moments” with David.

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