Rick Santelli Responds To White House Spokespuke

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs sarcastically tried to talk down to Rick Santelli after the Chicago Tea Party remarks. The contempt he spews has not been shown publicly by any other administration in history. A little thin skinned maybe?  Rick Santelli hit a nerve, and he’d better be ready for the “Joe The Plumber” treatment. Or worse. In the video below, Rick diccusses Gibbs’ remarks with Larry Kudlow.

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If you want the background. Original rant HERE. Robert Gibbs’ response HERE.

The Tea Party idea is spreading. Michelle Malkin has a lot more on the protests and the growing movement against the porkulus package. Go check it out and join the Chicago Tea Party movement.


Rick Santelli’s Chicago Tea Party

Rick Santelli gets it. Hey Obama! Are you listening?

Also, you can take the poll. Would You Join Rick Santelli’s Tea Party?

H/T Below The Beltway.

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