Inside the Letterman/Palin Flap

I got an email from John Ziegler today pointing me to this article at Big Hollywood.

The fact that I’ve needed to correct the record every time I’m involved in some sort of media firestorm (about once a month since the election, it seems), probably says at least as much about the pathetic nature of our news media as anything I put in my documentary “Media Malpractice,” a film whose truth I’ve dedicated almost all of the last year of my life to. The most recent episode involving the controversy over David Letterman’s comments about Governor Sarah Palin and her family is certainly no exception.

First, let me tell you what really happened, and then I can explain what we should all learn from this.  Here’s the timeline…

Monday, June 8th: Letterman uses Palin’s trip to New York to unleash a torrent of  ”comic” attacks on her and her family. The entire “Top Ten” list is devoted to the Governor and includes cracks about her updating her “slutty” wardrobe and possessing illegal drugs. The monologue includes a “joke” about Palin’s “daughter” getting “knocked up” at a Yankees game by Alex Rodriquez during the 7th inning stretch while her mother and a stadium full of spectators presumably watched.

Here’s The Rest…

John also writes this. “I urge you to check the film at”

And with what is happening in Iran lately it is a very fitting movie. Check out the story Neda: Her Execution…My Rant! at Nuke’s. no2liberals did a fine job of eulogizing her. Never forget what happened to this young woman, and what she was asking for when she was murdered. Freedom. Something we take for granted every day.

neda never forget


Hey, Zo wants you to see something

Janeane Garafolo says the tea parties were a gathering of racists.

Strange, that these racists would welcome a black man to speak at their racist gathering at the state capital.

I wasn’t expecting to speak, I just went up to get some footage for PJTV, but the organizer of the Tea Party found out I was there, and requested I come up and say a few words. How racist!!!

If you’re a right winger and are tired of the media painting you as racist, spread this vid and watch the left downplay it and expose themselves even more as the true racists!

God bless, ya!

Big Hollywood

Sarah Talks About Media Bias. With Video

Excerpts from an upcoming documentary by John Ziegler via the great new site Big Hollywood.

Written by: John Ziegler – January 7th, 2009

If someone told me five months ago that in early January I would pay over $1,400 for an incredibly inconvenient plane ticket and $120 for a 3 a.m. cab fare to get from sunny Los Angeles to Wasilla, Alaska, I would have told them there was a better chance the Dow Jones would be below 9,000 and a gallon of gas less than two dollars.

If they would have told me I’d be glad to have made the journey (even with a seven-hour, weather-aided stop in Seattle), I would have told them Sarah Palin had a better chance to be John McCain’s running-mate. Of course, as we all now know this turned out to be true. And even though I still have the flu I got just before the trip, I’m thrilled to have experienced minus-eleven degrees in Alaska.

Obviously, I was there to interview Governor Palin for my forthcoming documentary about the media coverage of election 2008. My understanding is that the only reason Governor Palin did this interview (while rejecting hundreds of other requests) is because of her sincere devotion to setting the record straight on what really happened during the campaign and to determine why the news coverage was as dangerously slanted as it so clearly was.

Largely because of absurd claims by Democrats that she was violating ethics rules by answering campaign questions on state grounds (one of several ways in which the Democrats in Alaska, who used to love her, are now fully invested in the “take Sarah Palin down” industry), we did the interview at the Palin home. At 9 a.m., without a security guard or handler in sight, Bristol Palin, eight days removed from giving birth, politely answered the door and Governor Palin, not yet fully put together, rushed out to tell myself and my crew to make ourselves at home.


Be sure to check out the comments at the end of the article. The liberal attack dogs are still out there, and they are scared.

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