Quick Bites

This page contains links to articles or videos that are of interest to me. It may change without notice.

First of all, you should always check in with Nuke and SwampWoman.


C02 Is Not A Pollutant!

Al Gore Admits He Lied About Global Warming

Grouchy Conservative Pundits

Here’s a great site for conservative news and views if you’re not thin-skinned. We talk a bit rough and don’t put up with pretenders. It’s a forum, so if you can stand the heat sign up and let’s talk. Grouchy Conservative Pundits.


2000-years-of-global-temperatures So you think man has caused the dreaded Global Warming? I say warming and cooling always goes in cycles. What happened there in the Medieval Warm Period? Those pesky Vikings and their CO2 spewing ships?

For all the details on this visit Roy Spencer, Ph. D.


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