Who supports the 99%?

Note: All entries on this list are real and verified. Below each entry you will find a series of source links documenting the support for OWS. We have striven in almost all cases to reference either first-hand statements by the groups or individuals themselves, hosted on their own Web sites; or videos of the people in question voicing their support for OWS at various Occupations; or news reports from reliable mainstream networks; or articles by publications or organizations sympathetic to the Occupy movement; or indisputable evidence, whatever the source. As a result, it cannot be claimed that these statements of support were made up or distorted by detractors of the Occupy movement.

From Zombie at PJ Media

The 99%: Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors and sympathizers

Communist Party USA


Communist Party USA, OWS speech, The Daily Caller

American Nazi Party


Media Matters, American Nazi Party, White Honor, Sunshine State News

Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran


The Guardian, Tehran Times, CBS News

Barack Obama


ABC News, CBS News, ForexTV, NBC New York

The government of North Korea


Korean Central News Agency (North Korean state-controlled news outlet), The Marxist-Leninist, Wall Street Journal, Times of India

Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam


video statement (starting at 8:28), Black in America, Weasel Zippers, Philadelphia Weekly

Revolutionary Communist Party


Revolutionary Communist Party, Revolution newspaper, in-person appearance

David Duke


Talking Points Memo, video statement, davidduke.com

Joe Biden


Talking Points Memo, video statement, Mother Jones

Hugo Chavez


Mother Jones, Reuters, Examiner.com

Revolutionary Guards of Iran


Associated Press, FARS News Agency, UPI

Black Panthers (original)


in-person appearance, Occupy Oakland, Oakland Tribune

Socialist Party USA


Socialist Party USA, IndyMedia, The Daily Caller

US Border Guard


White Reference, www.usborderguard.com, Gateway Pundit, Just Another Day blog

Industrial Workers of the World


IWW web site, iww.org, in-person appearances



in-person appearance, Washington Post, CAIR, CAIR New York

Nancy Pelosi


Talking Points Memo, video statement, ABC News, The Weekly Standard

Communist Party of China


People’s Daily (Communist Party organ), Reuters, chinataiwan.org, The Telegraph



almoqawama.org, almoqawama.org (2), almoqawama.org (3), wikipedia



911truth.org (1), 911truth.org (2), 911truth.org (3)

International Bolshevik Tendency


bolshevik.org, Wire Magazine



Adbusters, The Guardian, video statement

White Revolution



International Socialist Organization


Socialist Worker, socialistworker.org, in-person appearance

PressTV (Iranian government outlet)


PressTV, wikipedia

Marxist Student Union


Marxist Student Union, Big Government, marxiststudentunion.blogspot.com

Freedom Road Socialist Organization


FightBack News, fightbacknews.org



ANSWER press release, ANSWER web site, Xinhua

Party for Socialism and Liberation


Liberation News (1), pslweb.org, The Daily Free Press, Liberation News (2)


Sarah Palin Tired Of BHO’s Crisis Bullsh!t

And so am I! Where is the rest of the GOP?

H/T Gateway Pundit

Global Warming Cult Targeting School Kids

The Global Warming Cult is creeping into every corner of our lives it can. The election of the far left socialist/marxist to be our President only makes it easier to get to your children. Pay attention before it’s too late.

You Will Learn To Worship Me

You Will Learn To Worship Me

Guilt trips for driving gas-powered vehicles, eating hamburgers and powering gadgets are the order of the day. Then teens are to go home and tell mom and dad about their sins too.

Global warming is proving more dubious by the day, but the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) is not shy about recruiting Boston’s next generation to promote their alarmism.

The nonprofit group launched months ago and wants to inspire 140,000 teenagers to join its climate-change activism by the end of this year.

They’ve hired educators with flair for the theatrical to deliver their one-sided message via high school assemblies, captivating hundreds at a clip.

Rappers, actors, athletes, ministers and other dynamic personalities sync their talks with amusing PowerPoint presentations and slick animation to pump up the fear.

The idea is to motivate teenagers, and subsequently everyone in their spheres of influence, to modify their behaviors so as to stop global warming. This is achieved by cutbacks in their energy use, which ACE believes produces too many greenhouse gases (from fossil-fuel combustion like coal and oil) that warm the planet.

So guilt trips for driving gasoline-powered vehicles (carbon dioxide), eating hamburgers (methane from cow flatulence) and powering gadgets (more carbon dioxide) are the order of the day. Then teens are to go home and tell mom and dad about their sins too.

ACE is based in Oakland, Calif., and was created by wealthy wind-energy entrepreneur Michael Haas. The organization has targeted five metropolitan areas besides Boston: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington and Houston.

Haas, who donated $24,600 to President Barack Obama’s campaign and victory funds last year, stands to reap millions of dollars in government subsidies that climate change-driven renewable energy policies would bring. ACE looks like an effort to assure the growth of his business into future generations.

ACE lobbies school boards and administrators for permission to give its presentations, ensuring delivery of its propaganda to hundreds of potential foot soldiers for the cause.

But ACE’s talks are infected with falsehoods, like telling the students they’ve lived through the 10 hottest years on record (1934 was really the hottest) and that greenhouse gas emissions are jacking up the global thermostat way too high.

Scientific studies that counter these fibs and exaggerations are left out of the presentations.

For example, many solar physicists believe we may be entering a prolonged cooling period due to diminished sunspot activity.

Atmospheric scientists, who observe actual data rather than depend on dubious climate models, have seen no recent temperature increase (on average) in the oceans or on the surface of the earth during the last decade.

Unfortunately many teachers and administrators don’t do their homework and let the Alliance for Climate Education pull students from classrooms to be taught rewritten history and biased forecasting.


Look At The Big Picture Before It’s Too Late

If you care at all about your freedom you need to watch these two videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Obama’s Govt. Motors pulls plug on longtime Fall River Chevy dealership

McARTHUR – Lawrence Agee and his family have sold Chevrolets in eastern Shasta County for 60 years.

It’s that kind of loyalty Agee thought would be rewarded when General Motors Corp. in May started advising dealers nationwide who was in and who was out.

But to his dismay, Agee was pink-slipped, which ends a run of 85 years for Hiway Garage as a Chevy dealership.

One vehicle – a compact Cobalt – remains on the lot.

“We’ve been taking care of customers forever. It’s a kick in the belly” we won’t be able to do that, said the 72-year-old Agee, whose father bought the garage in 1949. “We didn’t push cars. … We don’t sit here and hammer them from one guy to the other like a lot of the big dealers.”

GM notified about 1,100 dealers, or nearly 20 percent of its U.S. network, that it would not renew their contracts when they expire in 2010.

Hiway Garage wasn’t a high-volume dealership – 10 sales was a good month – but it was the only one in about an 80-mile radius. Now folks in the Fall River Valley will have to drive to Redding or Alturas to buy a new vehicle.

“We are just down-home people. We do what has to be done. We don’t try to sell you the whole store,” Agee said.

Hiway Garage will continue selling gasoline, doing repair work and offering tow service.

“He was pretty pissed; he wasn’t in a good mood for about two weeks,” Agee’s 44-year-old son, David, said. “It was a shocker to him. He was hoping they would (renew) because of how far he is out here.”

When Lawrence Agee took over the Hiway Garage in 1959 after his father, Lester, died of cancer, he was the youngest owner of a Chevy dealership in the West.

Residents of the Fall River Valley over the years have embraced Agee and his family. His allegiance to his customers and the community hasn’t gone unnoticed.

When word spread that GM would not renew Hiway Garage’s franchise agreement, letters urging the company to reconsider were sent out.

“It seems to us that appreciation could be best demonstrated by not closing what is more than a Chevrolet dealership here, but rather an historic institution that feels more like family than just simply a business,” Denise Rouse of Bieber wrote.

“Hiway Garage is an essential part of the Fall River Valley with its unstinting support of all social service groups within our community,” wrote Ed Siegel, president of the Fall River Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Ironically, Agee stopped selling Chevrolets in 1978 after General Motors persuaded him to sell the business before bringing in somebody the company felt could pump up sales in the Intermountain region.

The experiment bombed. The Hiway Garage lost its Chevy franchise for a short stint; Agee had to foreclose on the property. It took him years to rebuild the business after taking it over again.

“These farmers and loggers are set in their ways. You don’t take care of them, you just lost their families and their friends,” Agee said in a 2004 Record Searchlight story.

Agee has no desire to pick up another franchise. He said he’s finished selling cars and trucks.

“I am getting too old to start all over again,” Agee said.

On a personal note, I have had the pleasure of meeting and doing business with the Agee family and they are very fine people. I hope the auto repair part of the business can keep them going and I urge everyone in my neck of the woods to do some business with them.

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President Thin-Skin Can Dish It Out….

But he sure as hell can’t take it.

The candidate who told his supporters “to argue with them and get in their face” now finds the shoe on the other foot. So they’re taking names and encouraging you to turn in your neighbors.

So this is hope and change — telling American citizens who in a democracy disagree with you that they are mind-numbed robots participating in mob action and expressing “manufactured” outrage.

Considering that upward of 80% of those hooligans like their doctors, like their insurance and like their care, anger over your government-run health care was not that hard to assemble.

It was not that long ago that Barack Obama told a crowd of 1,500 supporters in Elko, Nev., to challenge those who disagree with them and him: “I want you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independents or Republicans. I want you to argue with them.”

President Obama spoke then as the community organizer he was — a true disciple of Saul Alinsky who worked with and for Acorn in the days when they were storming banks and government meetings to force them to ditch creditworthiness as a criteria and forcing them to issue loans to those who couldn’t afford them.

The president is familiar with the Alinsky way, the Chicago way, of organizing a group to act. Obama spent years prodding underprivileged Chicagoans to channel their political anger by orchestrating activist mob scenes designed to coerce businesses and public officials. A 2007 profile in the left-leaning New Republic was titled “The Agitator.” He’s still at it.

Read it all

Michelle Malkin has more on The Snitch Brigade

John Boehner B-Slaps Henry Waxman

Henry Waxman dumped a 300 page addition to the Cap and Tax bill at 3:00 AM the morning of the vote. John Boehner  wasn’t going to take it lying down. Here’s the second video in the series. I picked this one so you can see the rat faced weasel, Henry Waxman, try to stop Boehner from reading what is in the amendment.(6:40 in) The whole thing can be seen at NewsBusters.

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