It’s The Most Wonderful Time In 8 Years!


Bibi Wins!

BHO Cryer bibi

Judge Jeanine Pirro: “No One in this Administration Knows Anything!”

Judge Jeanine rips the Obama administration a new one!

Hat Tip: Barking Moonbat Early Warning System

2016: The Movie. You Don’t Know BHO

Well, well, well. Removed by the user? Can’t have the truth about BHO getting out, now can we?


Happy National Empty Chair Day

Due to the lack of jobs Labor Day has been replaced with National Empty Chair Day. Special thanks to Clint Eastwood…

See more about National Empty Chair Day from Gateway Pundit.

Green Crony Capitalism

The big “green Jobs” lie bites us yet again…

Thomas Sowell – (Obama) Dismantling America

Thomas Sowell gets it…

H/T Moonbattery

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