Going Extinct? I Don’t Think So

I recently posted an article about the white possum being killed off by Global Warming. (link) It turns out they were just trying to pull a fast one, and had to fess up on ABC’s World Today. Yet we hear it over and over again, the poor “__________” is going to be extinct and you and global warming are to blame. Well I don’t buy it. Take a look at some of what we know the “Experts” have gotten wrong.

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Now the next time you hear we are killing the polar bear, remember this video, and think about how wrong they are about the present. Now they are trying to predict the future and tell you we face gloom and doom if we don’t change our ways, and oh by the way, give up a lot more money. They can’t predict the whether more than a couple of weeks out, (and I’m being generous there) but they want us to believe they can predict the future, decades and centuries ahead. As I said, I Don’t Think So!  As always, Follow The Money….


The Plot Thickens

In 1971 D.B. Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 and escaped with $200,000 by parachuting out of the back of the plane. He has never been found, dead or alive. But, the latest development puts some new twists into the case.

SEATTLE – The FBI is analyzing a torn, tangled parachute found buried by children in southwest Washington to determine whether it might have been used by famed plane hijacker D.B. Cooper, the agency said Tuesday.

Children playing outside their home near Amboy found the chute’s fabric sticking up from the ground in an area where their father had been grading a road, agent Larry Carr said. They pulled it out as far as they could, then cut the parachute’s ropes with scissors.


The children had seen recent media coverage of the case — the FBI launched a publicity campaign last fall, hoping to generate tips to solve the 36-year-old mystery — and they urged their dad to call the agency.

“When we went to the public, the whole idea was that the public is going to bring the answers to us,” Carr said. “This is exactly what we were hoping for.”

This changes what little evidence has been found since 1971. It could also be totally unrelated.
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