Need a Laugh? Check out ‘Whining, Crying, Rioting’, Hillary’s Millennial Theme Song

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200,000 Caribou Return From Global Warming Death

Alarmist scientists jumped the gun in 2009 when they couldn’t find a whole herd of caribou. “Global Warming killing the caribou herds!” they screamed. If they’d only bothered to ask the locals …

Barking Moonbat Early Warning System has the details.

Latest Threat to Earth: Golf Balls!

golf ball

Be Afraid...Be VERY Afraid

Just when you think they can’t get any  worse, the Enviro-nuts come up with a new one. And NO, this is not satire from The Onion.

With an increasing number of golf balls discarded each year, the Danish Golf Association devised a number of tests to determine the environmental impact of golf balls on their surroundings.

It was found that during decomposition, the golf balls dissolved to release a high quantity of heavy metals. Dangerous levels of zinc were found in the synthetic rubber filling used in solid core golf balls. When submerged in water, the zinc attached itself to the ground sediment and poisoned the surrounding flora and fauna.

Course manager for the Danish Golf Union, Torben Kastrup Petersen, said the scale of the problem is unknown: “There has been very little research on the environmental impact of golf balls, but it’s safe to say the indicators are not good. We are planning to collaborate with environmentalists in America to conduct more tests to fully explore the extent of the problem.”

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Geeze, I can’t wait for them to join with our moonbats in the EPA and try to ban golf. That should be fun!

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Obama’s Energy Sec: Hey! Let’s Paint The World White

What could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong?

Back in January I posted this. Another Global Warming Nut-case. I never thought such a stupid idea could possibly be considered as a real solution to “Global Warming”, even though the problem isn’t real. Painting the world white to produce cooling, sounds almost as stupid as solving the energy crisis by inflating your tires instead of drilling for oil.

Steven Chu, the Nobel prize-winning physicist appointed by President Obama as Energy Secretary, wants to paint the world white. A global initiative to change the colour of roofs, roads and pavements so that they reflect more sunlight and heat could play a big part in containing global warming, he said yesterday.

Speaking at the opening of the St James’s Palace Nobel Laureate Symposium, for which The Times is media partner, Professor Chu said that this approach could have a vast impact. By lightening paved surfaces and roofs to the colour of cement, it would be possible to cut carbon emissions by as much as taking all the world’s cars off the roads for 11 years, he said.

Now in Chu’s defense, he does come from a very special place, Berkeley California, the home of special moonbats that can only only think of the wildest and most foolish ideas known to man. But that doesn’t mean he should bring that crap to the table for consideration.

Professor Chu said that his thinking had been influenced by Art Rosenfeld, a member of the California Energy Commission, who drove through tough new building rules in the state. Since 2005 California has required all flat roofs on commercial buildings to be white; the measure is being expanded to require cool colours on all residential and pitched roofs.

Dr Rosenfeld is also a physicist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, of which Professor Chu was director. Last year Dr Rosenfeld and two colleagues from the laboratory, Hashem Akbari and Surabi Menon, calculated that changing surface colours in 100 of the world’s largest cities could save the equivalent of 44 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide — about as much as global carbon emissions are expected to rise by over the next decade.

Professor Chu said: “There’s a friend of mine, a colleague of mine, Art Rosenfeld, who’s pushing very hard for a geo-engineering we all believe will be completely benign, and that’s when you have a flat-top roof building, make it white.

“Now, you smile, but he’s done a calculation, and if you take all the buildings and make their roofs white and if you make the pavement more of a concrete type of colour rather than a black type of colour, and you do this uniformly . . . it’s the equivalent of reducing the carbon emissions due to all the cars on the road for 11 years.”

The US needed to increase its investment in clean energy research, he said, citing high-tech industries that spent 10 to 20 per cent of their income on research. The US was spending $1 trillion on generating electricity, but “nothing like” the $100 billion to $200 billion on research that would meet that standard, he said.

Just another day in the land of unicorns and rainbows. I think a bunch of high school kids could do as well as Obama and his cabinet picks have been doing, probably better.


You Have GOT to be Sh!tting Me….

This is the future of General Motors?


From Rush Limbaugh

Have you seen the story about General Motors making the deal with the makers of the Segway machine?  Basically they’re going to have a wheelchair with a motor and a passenger compartment in there.  You can’t call it a wheelchair with an engine.  You gotta call it a wheelchair with a motor.  They’ve got their little prototype here zipping around.  Top speed, which means it will never be reached, 35 miles an hour.  Top range, 35 miles.  It’s electric.  You plug it in.  I just shudder to see what is happening to this once great country, which dreamed big, built big, expanded big, and here we’re taking ourselves back to the Stone Age under a false premise of climate destruction, global warming, or what have you.  Look, Snerdley, if all these newfangled electric contraptions haven’t caught on, why the hell — you’re going to have your oddballs, fringe kooks and weirdos driving around in these things.  Have you seen it?  There’s no way they can be safe.  How can they put an airbag in one of these things?

It’s the most ridiculous looking thing, and I know that the long-haired, maggot-infested, sandal-wearing crowd will be driving around in these things heading off to Whole Foods, but once you get to Whole Foods what the hell are you going to put in this thing to take home?  I don’t know.  It’s funny, it’s sad at the same time you look at all this.  You just wonder, what the hell is happening here?  This is not leadership.  This is giving in.  This is crying uncle.

Read It All…. GM to Make Wheelchair with Motor.

Saturday, 8:30 PM: TURN THOSE LIGHTS ON!

And grill with charcoal, have a bon fire, take a joy ride, mow the lawn, burn winter debris, run the a/c, do some laundry, run the dishwasher, eat some beans……you get the idea. The whole annual Earth Hour is such a farce we have to protest it somehow. Read a bit of what Alan Caruba has to say.

They call it pollution-We call it Civilization

They call it pollution-We call it Civilization

We have reached this nauseating time in our society as the result of a vast environmental movement, truly worldwide, that are masters of propaganda and possessed of the millions necessary to brainwash a lot of people into accepting an endless assault on all the advancements in science, engineering, and technology we accept as part of our everyday lives.

So, naturally, the World Wildlife Fund has come up with “Earth Hour”, an event in which at 8:30PM, Saturday night, in everyone’s respective time zone, people will be asked to turn off their lights and, presumably, the use of all electricity to increase awareness of “energy conservation.”

Two questions: What does this have to do with wildlife? And why should anyone bother?

What need is there to “conserve energy?” One either uses it or does not. You can’t “conserve” it. You can use more or less of it, but you cannot save it up for later. Electricity is always “now.”

Is the Earth running out of coal? Hardly, the Chinese can’t build coal-fired plants fast enough to generate the electricity to grow their economy. In India, they’re launched on a huge program to build nuclear plants for the same reason. A nation without adequate electricity is strictly Third World.

Nor is the Earth running out of oil? The rumor is that there’s vast amounts in the Arctic and both the U.S. and Russia are making nasty noises at one another to ensure that neither one or the other gains control of it. Brazil just struck oil way offshore of its beautiful beaches and you don’t hear them complaining about it.

Read all of it HERE.

!Update! Michelle Malkin has joined in. She has a great video there. Leave the lights on: Celebrate Human Achievement Hour

The Truth About Henry Waxman

I found this at Moonbattery and couldn’t resist “borrowing” it. It’s just too good not to spread around.

Separated at Birth?

Physically moonbats often pass for humans, despite the pasty sickliness sometimes produced by vegetarian diets. But there are those whose true nature is more obvious. Take the new Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee for instance:

waxman.jpg bat.jpg

When in doubt as to whether you are dealing with a moonbat or an actual person, use the tried and true method of presenting them with a cross or American flag and gauging the reaction.

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