Does Sarah Palin Still Confuse You? Listen Closely

Hey, all you talking heads, beltway boys and naysayers out there.  Listen to her. It’s real clear that she don’t much care what you may think of her chances to be president. Did you ever stop to think, there are more important things in life than politics?? She seems very happy right there with her family, fishing in Alaska.


Sarah Palin Steps Down As Alaska Governor

And who could blame her? The relentless attacks on her family, the never ending bullshit lawsuits and the disgusting jokes by washed up comedians. And let’s not forget the personal money spent to defend those frivolous lawsuits. Sometimes a person needs to back up a bit and see which way to go next. I’ll be behind her what ever she decides to do.

Wouldn’t it be something if she announced at one of the TEA Parties that she was quitting the Republican party to head up our new TEA Party? There are enough people disgusted with both parties to start a new one that will blow them out of the water. Forget the crap you are hearing from both sides. Krauthammer, Jonah Goldberg and others on the right think she should get some kind of education that makes her more “Washington” to be able to be understood by the elites there. To you two and others like you, go pound sand, you are part of the problem that is the elite in Washington, Sarah speaks just fine to us in the real world. And to the Liberal Left Loonies, be afraid…be very afraid!

Bush’s Polar Bear Ruling Upheld

Dang it,

Bummer dude.....

Let the howling begin. The enviro-nuts will be yelling about being betrayed and the BDS sufferers who want every ruling made by the Bush administration overturned will have they’re panties in a twist over the latest polar bear ruling. It seems the Obama administration has agreed with Bush that the polar bear does not need more protection.

WASHINGTON — The Interior Department is letting stand a Bush administration regulation that limits protection of polar  bears from global warming, three people familiar with the decision told The Associated Press.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will announce on Friday that he will not rescind the Bush rule, although Congress gave him authority to do so. The people spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to pre-empt the secretary’s announcement.

A year ago, the iconic polar bear was declared a threatened species because global warming is causing a severe decline in Arctic sea ice, the bear’s habitat. But the Bush administration rules limit that protection, saying no action outside the Arctic region could be considered a threat to the bear under the law.

Environmentalists have strongly opposed the rule as have many members of Congress. They argued the limits violate the Endangered Species Act because the release of greenhouse gases from power plants, factories and cars indirectly threaten the bear’s survival.

In March, federal lawmakers authorized Salazar to scrap the Bush regulation without going through a long regulatory process. The deadline for such action was Saturday, 60 days after Congress acted.

Salazar was expected to say that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will further study the limitations established by the “special rule” issued by the Bush administration in March 2008 when the bear was officially declared a threatened specie because of the reduction in Arctic sea ice, which is the bear’s habitat.

But business groups and their supporters in Congress have argued strongly that the Endangered Species Act is the improper vehicle for addressing climate change and that there are other ways to deal with the global environmental issue.

Congress is trying to craft broad legislation that would limit greenhouse gases and, separately, the Environmental Protection Agency has begun a lengthy regulatory process that could lead to heat-trapping emissions being controlled under the federal Clean Air Act. Last month, the EPA declared carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels and other greenhouse gases a danger to public health.

But after the polar bear was declared threatened in March 2008, and brought under the protection of the Endangered Species Act because of climate change, environmentalists hoped they could use the species law to force broader nationwide limits of greenhouse gases.

The Bush special rule for the polar bear “significantly undercuts protections for the polar bear by omitting global warming pollution as a factor in the polar bear’s risk of extinction,” said Jane Kochersperger, a spokeswoman for Greenpeace, which delivered 80,000 petitions to the Interior Department after they were collected by the two environmental groups.

On Thursday, Rep. Doc Hastings of Washington, the ranking Republican on the House Natural Resources Committee, urged Salazar to keep the Bush rule in place.

“This reaches far beyond the scope of polar bears in the Arctic and could put jobs and economic activity across the entire nation at risk,” said Hastings.


Alaska’s Mount Redoubt Erupts

Alaska’s Mt. Redoubt volcano erupted several times late Sunday and early Monday, sending an ash plume nearly 12 miles into the air, the Alaska Volcano Observatory reported.

The Anchorage Daily News reported that a fifth eruption took place at about 4:30 a.m. Alaska Daylight Time (AKDT), or 8:30 a.m. EDT.

The National Weather Service detected ash from the fifth eruption at 60,000 feet, far higher than most commercial jetliners fly.

Fine gray dust was falling Monday morning on small communities north of Anchorage, though the state’s largest city itself was spared.

“It’s coming down,” Rita Jackson, 56, said early Monday morning at a 24-hour grocery store in Willow, about 50 miles north of Anchorage.

She slid her fingers across the hood of her car, through a dusting of ash.


There goes the CO2 count. I wonder how the G.W. Cult will spin this to blame humans.

Snowman Banned….In Alaska!



ANCHORAGE, Alaska —  A giant snowman named Snowzilla has mysteriously appeared again this year — despite the city’s cease-and-desist order.

Someone again built the giant snowman in Billy Powers’ front yard in an east Anchorage neighborhood. Snowzilla reappeared before dawn Tuesday.

Powers is not taking credit. When questioned Tuesday afternoon, he insisted Snowzilla just somehow happened, again.

For the last three years, Snowzilla — to the delight of some and the chagrin of others — has been a very large feature in Powers’ yard. In 2005, Snowzilla rose 16 feet. He had a corncob pipe and a carrot nose and two eyes made out of beer bottles.

This year, Snowzilla is estimated to be 25 feet tall. He’s wearing a black stovepipe hat and scarf.

“Have you seen him?” Powers asked when reached by telephone at his home, the sound of excited children in the background. “He’s handsome.”

Snowzilla has consistently risen outside Powers’ modest home. His children — he is the father of seven — collected snow from neighbors’ yards to make the snowman big enough. Each year, Snowzilla got a bit bigger.

Not everybody in the neighborhood liked all the cars and visitors who came to see him.

City officials this year deemed Snowzilla a public nuisance and safety hazard. A cease-and-desist order was issued. The city tacked a public notice on Powers’ door.

City officials said the structure increased traffic to the point of endangerment and that the snowman itself was unsafe.

The mayor’s office on Tuesday issued a statement defending its move against Snowzilla.

“This property owner has repeatedly ignored city attempts to find ways to accommodate his desire to build a giant snowman without affecting the quiet, residential quality of the neighborhood,” said the statement from Mayor Mark Begich’s office. “This is a neighborhood of small homes on small lots connected by small streets. It can’t support the volume of traffic and revelers that are interested in Snowzilla.”

The mayor’s office says Powers appears to run a large junk and salvage operation from his home. He has violated land use codes for 13 years, the city said. He owes the city more than $100,000 in fines and other assessments.

Powers said it is the city that has been difficult, not him.

“I have tried to jump through every goofy hoop they have sent to me. I have never been confrontational and it goes on and on and on and it is so goofy,” he said. “Some of it is unfounded, some is just outrageous.”

The city said it did not expect to take any further action until after Christmas.

Must be a slow winter up there. Maybe it’s all that daylight leakage…..

Sarah, sweetheart, pardon Snowzilla. palinkiss


Global Warming Not The Polar Bear’s Biggest Problem

So you think Global Warming is killing the polar bears? Think again.


“WE DON’T have no vegetarians here,” says James Qillaq, a long-time resident of Kanngiqtugaapik in Canada’s Nunavut territory. North of the 70th parallel, where winter temperatures regularly drop below -30°C, “nothing can grow in the ground, so the only thing we eat is animals.” Inuit like Mr Qillaq have been hunting here for generations, and though sledge dogs and spears have been replaced by snowmobiles and rifles, the prime target remains unchanged: polar bears.

What do you expect them to eat, whales? Heaven forbid! It’s their native right to hunt polar bears, or anything else they may need to stay alive in -30c temeratures. Now I don’t advocate the killing of polar bears, but what would you do in -30c conditions in one of the harshest places in the world? I’ve said before I don’t want to see dead polar bears but it looks like Global Warming is not the problem, I don’t care what they say. Far more polar bears are being killed directly by humans than by global warming. (if global warming were true, or caused by man)

As if global warming weren’t problem enough, a row over how to determine hunting quotas has recently begun to heat up. Polar bears are divided into 19 distinct populations throughout the high Arctic, all in varying stages of distress. One of the most fragile is in Baffin Bay, where there are now only about 1,500 animals, down nearly a third from a count a decade ago.

This bunch has the added misfortune of straddling the border between Nunavut and Greenland: native people on both shores are eager to kill as many bears as they can. In the light of the declining population, Canadian scientists recommended that this winter’s hunt be limited to 64. But the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board—an Inuit-controlled body that makes the final recommendation—decided to set the number at 105. Then Greenland added another 68, for its own hunters. Together, this is nearly three times the sustainable harvest. Even without the rampant poaching that takes place in Greenland, 12% of the Baffin bears are set to be turned into blankets, mukluks and stews.

Now if my math is right, that’s 173 polar bears taken “legally”  from the smallest population in the region, without the poaching. Now tell me, how many polar bears die from the dreaded Global Warming. What’s that? You don’t know. That’s right! Nobody knows how many are poached or how many die of natural causes or how many die because of “Global Warming”. It’s not possible to put numbers to this. Only the all seeing, the all knowing, the one and only Goracle can tell you that. And you can’t trust him, he’ll lie about anything to keep his Global Warming Lie alive. al_gore_pinocchio11


Polar Bear “Threatened” Yeah, Right.
h/t Tom Nelson

Polar Bears Sittin’ Pretty

Polar bears will be having an easy time in the Arctic after reading this from Joseph D’Aleo at ICECAP.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Arctic Ice Increase Well Ahead of 2007 Pace

By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, Fellow of the AMS

A very cold polar vortex with a strongly positive Arctic Oscillation is causing arctic ice to increase rapidly and the extent is well ahead of last year on this date.

See full size image from Cryosphere today shows the side-by-side comparison here
Also see how in this image, the 2008 extent rapidly coming in line with other recent years and departing from 2007.

See full size image that shows extent by date for each of the last half dozen years

Snowcover is also rapidly increasing. recall last year even after the record low summer ice extent, by late January, the hemisphere was at an all-time record for extent of snow and ice.

See full size image of last week of last January snow and ice extent here.

When the arctic oscillation flips negative, some of the very cold air will make an early appearance into middle latitudes in North America and Eurasia. Watch for an early snowstorm.

See also this story on Watts Up With That on showing the arctic had less ice 6,000-7,000 years ago. See this comprehensive listing of recent story Scientists Counter Latest Arctic Warmth as Psuedoscience.

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