The header picture will mostly  be original pictures from our (mostly Mrs. D’s) camera captured around the real Northern California. Except special occasions which should be obvious.

Currently showing: East of Adin

I am a proud member of the State of Jefferson. The 51st state.


I don’t believe man has caused Global Warming. It would be the most egotistical and arrogant statement one could make to think man could change, in the short time we’ve been here, billions of years of history. And with that, I offer you this video.

H/T no2liberals


I also share Mr. Charlton Heston’s views on the second amendment. He puts it so eloquently.

Uncle Ted has a good take on the second amendment. (Ted Nugent, just in case you didn’t know)

A lesson on “assault weapons”.

A lesson on “gun control”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Some pictures of the neighborhood.

The Drive In

The “Driveway”

The Drive "In"

The Drive

Shasta Dam from the back

Shasta Dam from lake side

Burney Falls

Burney Falls

Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta from the beginning of our "driveway"

Mt. Shasta from the beginning of our”driveway”

Part of the 17 miles leading to our house

Part of the 17 miles leading to our house (the header picture)


6 Responses

  1. Hello,

    My company is interested in using the image of the polar bear that was used on your post from May 21, 2008 titled “Alaska Gov. Not Happy With Polar Bear Ruling”.

    If you could let me know where you retrieved the image from or, if it is your personal image, how much it would cost us to use it, that would be great.

    Thanks much,
    Dana Davis
    PKA Technologies, Inc.
    (845) 357-0170

  2. I thin about One Meeynun Dollars Hehehehehe

  3. Dang! I set my sights too low again!! 😆

  4. Hope you or the Mrs. are using your images as references for oil paintings. They would be awesome! Just a suggestion.

  5. My name is Tania Percy and I am a research assistant for Michael Berry, a talk radio host in Houston, Texas. He is currently writing a book to serve as a manual for civic activism and is looking for some additional advice from bloggers across the nation and the world. I found your blog online and read through some of the posts. I am hoping you could share what you’ve learned with me, so I can pass it on to Mr. Berry for his book.

    Encouraging everyday Americans to get more involved should include a how-to to make it easier and this project is meant to do that.

    Please note that by responding you are consenting to being included in Mr. Berry’s book, unless you note otherwise. You may feel free to reply to me at RightThinkingDiva@Gmail.com or directly to Mr. Berry at MichaelBerry@clearchannel.com

    Why did you start writing a blog? What was the purpose?
    When did you start your blog?
    What were your goals at that time, if any?
    Describe any memorable moments that have occurred because of your blog (e.g., response by readers, coverage in other media).
    Have you found the experience to be rewarding, and if so, in what way?
    If someone wants to make a difference, and has considered either a blog or some format by which to express their opnions, what advice would you give them?
    What do you wish you had known when you started your blog?
    Is there a blog that you read regularly that I should contact? If so, please send me that person’s email address and I will reach out to them. Or better yet, if you’ll forward this email with your suggestion they reply, that may help.

    Finally, any additional suggestions for his book? If you were writing a how-to for civic activism, what would be important to you?

    Thank you in advance,

    Tania Percy

  6. Creationist Charlton Heston is a science source, eh? You think it’s “egotistical and arrogant” that Man can upset nature’s balance, but not when Man guns down wolves, dams rivers and clear millions of acres of timber? Get consistent! Deniers use the “puny little Man” argument when it suits them but they’ll brag about Man’s dominance over nature in the next sentence. They’re ego-trippers with bouts of schizophrenic disassociation.

    Countless large-scale environmental problems are clearly man-made, including deforestation, modern species extinctions, aquifer depletion, water pollution, smog (close cousin of AGW), radiation pollution (e.g. Fukushima) and many other issues that go without saying if you study the evidence. Claiming that Man is incapable of gradually raising CO2 levels is absurd. No other species is burning all that carbon and volcanoes are only emitting a small fraction of what Man does now. Trees being cut down (including for wind turbine sites) are removing former carbon sinks. It all adds up 24/7.

    Unless you can prove CO2 isn’t the major cause of radiative forcing (80% per NASA/Lacis 2010) your only case for debunking AGW is conservative anti-regulation rhetoric, and that’s a rhetorical comment.

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