20 Year Old Trevor Bayne Wins Daytona 500 In First Try! Wood Brothers Once Again On Top!

He turned 20 yesterday and wins the 2011 Daytona 500 in his second start ever in a Cup car. Congratulations Trevor and the Wood Brothers!!!

He’s also the youngest driver ever to win the big race.

Trevor Bayne press conference after the race.


4 Responses

  1. Wood Brothers first appearance in the Winner’s Circle since 1976! A VERY nice young man, too, was the impression I got from the interview I saw either early this morning … or was that yesterday?

    If it couldn’t be The Old Guy or Dale Jr, this is the one I had high hopes for.

  2. He’s a VERY nice young man. I told my brother after the duels that if the stars aligned he would win because he had the fastest car. I don’t think he knew just how fast it really was.

  3. And also, as much as I like Jr. and The Old Guy, I really like this finish! I’ve watched Trevor since Mikey hired him and always thought he was special. Mikey has to be kicking himself in the ass about now for firing him and hiring the younger Truex.

  4. I was SO concerned about Trevor holding off Busch and Smoke I almost missed the finish! Did NOT want them to win atall.

    Kid sure can drive that race car!

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