Free Speech Isn’t Free in D.C.

This sums up the the way the “Ruling Elite” on both sides of the aisle feel about us peons. From Hot Air.

Only in Washington DC could a person who describes the First Amendment’s protection of free speech wind up in jail for 90 days. The Institute of Justice has decided to challenge DC’s regulation of the tour-guide industry, where the capital of the free world exercises a prior-restraint licensing regime on those who would describe the city to tourists, who come to admire this bastion of liberty:

Read It All, and vote the bums out in November.


One Response

  1. DANG! Guess if I walked past the Whitehouse and said something like “It’s the Whitehouse!” to a group who’d asked “WTF is THAT?” I’d be in pretty deep shit. Guess we’d trick ’em by saying things like “Oooooooh! Must the Itewhay Ousehay”.

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