Lightning Sparked Fires Burn Uncontrolled in Lassen and Modoc Counties

A quick summary from KRCR TV in Redding.

SUSANVILLE, Calif. — Approximately 60 fires were burning in Lassen and Modoc counties Monday morning, according to an official with CalFire’s Lassen-Modoc unit. The latest fires have been termed the ‘Late July Lightning Complex’ after the thousands of weekend lightning strikes being credited with starting the flames.As of early Monday morning, the largest fire of the complex, known as the Russel Fire, continued to burn out of control approximately 15 miles northwest of Eagle Lake. Its size stood at 200 acres and counting, with no containment reported or expected.The Lassen-Modoc CalFire unit covers approximately 9 million acres of land in the eastern part of California, officials explained, so fires can cover vast areas before they’re stopped.More than 50 of the fires had already been reported by late Sunday night, hours after thousands of lightning strikes hit across the higher elevations of northern California. Those include:

  • Bieber Area (CalFire): 17 fires
  • East of Susanville (CalFire): 5 fires
  • Alturas Area (CalFire): 1 fires
  • Near Alturas (Bureau of Land Management): 13 fires
  • East of Ravondale (BLM): 2 fires
  • East of Susanville (BLM): 15 fires
  • Hat Creek Ranger District (Lassen National Forest): 6 fires
  • Eagle Lake Ranger District (Lassen National Forest): 3 fires
  • Lake Almanor Ranger District (Lassen National Forest): 4 fires

In addition, several other fires from earlier in the weekend continued to burn Monday in Lassen County. Among them, the Constantia Complex fire, which according to fire officials at Sierra Front was at 1,700 acres and climbing as of Monday morning.Also sparked by lightning, the Constantia fire was 10 percent contained as of 7 a.m. Monday. One home and two outbuildings were burned by the Constantia Complex fire since it sparked Saturday.

I’ll try to add more as I find it.

The thunder storms are back this evening with a vengeance…


3 Responses

  1. Dang. Thought that y’all were pretty wet this year, but that encourages underbrush growth, and the fire cycle starts all over, I suppose.

  2. Hi swampie! These fires are burning in the high desert, mostly juniper, sage brush and such and they don’t get much water. I live in what I call a rain forest but I drive over the mountain to work and it’s high desert.

  3. Love the high desert. Don’t like the fires.

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