Hatchet Ridge Time Lapse Turbine Video

This is way cool! Intermountain News made the video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The ninth wind turbine is installed on Hatchet Ridge, west of Burney, California, June 23, 2010. The normally three-hour operation is viewed here in this 54-second time-lapse sequence comprised of more than 550 individual photographs.


4 Responses

  1. Bob,

    Great post. How many more of them do you think are going up?


  2. 44 total, 14 are up as of today.

    We’re still rocking roads and making crane pads on the other end. All tower bases are poured.

  3. I appreciate the update. My company supplies the tower flanges to US tower builders.


  4. More desecration of semi-wilderness by apathetic money-grubbers pretending to be green. Nature (and its flying creatures) is suffering a death of a thousand cuts as these towers insidiously creep in.

    I’d study what’s happened to Europe, e.g. Scotland, before welcoming endless numbers of these monsters. Due to their vertical prominence they are set to destroy far more widespread scenery than oil, gas and coal.

    The efficiency of wind power generation is also spotty, even if one doesn’t care about losing countless landscapes to industrial development. They are a classic subsidized boondoggle. Focusing on rooftop solar would be much wiser.

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