Hatchet Ridge Wind Farm Sprouting

5 up...39 to go

With all the precipitation this year something should sprout. This was as of today, 6-18-10 at about 2pm. More pictures coming when I get a little time to put something together. Click on picture to enlarge.


6 Responses

  1. so that’s where you’ve been.

  2. Yep, 3 more foundations to pour and a dozen or so crane pads to go before we get some weekends off. (Sunday is rumored to be a day off)

  3. Dang, them’s some bigass bird blenders you got there. Hope the work holds out for awhile for you.

    • 420′ from bladetip to ground.

      So far so good on the work but we’re the lucky ones around here. Our part of the job ends in a couple of weeks for the most part.

    • They kill a lot of bats too, by giving them an instant case of the bends due to pressure differentials. And yet they get excused by supposed defenders of the environment. The irony is thick.

  4. The relentless destruction of wilderness continues under a “green” banner. Wind turbines are just a politically-correct form of widespread logging and strip mining. The least they could do is stop planting them on ridge-tops where they overwhelm the view. And YES, the view does matter. It’s not NIMBY when it’s creeping into so many nice areas. Those who slough off complaints by saying “well, we have to do something to replace coal and oil” are not thinking about the full scope of the environment.

    Historians will look back on these contraptions as a big (literally) mistake and a crass desecration of nature’s shrinking remnants. “Why did we have to do this?” will be a big question if/when a smarter idea comes along, like putting solar panels on existing structures instead of developing millions more acres while claiming to reduce Man’s (carbon) footprint. Decommissioning a wind “farm” is no simple process, so if they do become obsolete, most will probably loom over lost landscapes for centuries.

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