This Is The Democrat Leadership? !Updated w/ New Two-Faced Harry Video!

It’s really hard to comment on the stupidity of this statement and keep it civil.

!!!NEW VIDEO!!! Check out the pitiful little worm here talking about Bush only adding 126,000  jobs. !!New Video!!

Only 36,000 jobs lost, and it’s a really big day in America. Get out of our lives Harry, you clueless, pitiful, little worm.

H/T Hot Air

!!UPDATE!! The Won joins in the stupidity! From Michelle Malkin

President Barack Obama boasted Friday that his economic recovery efforts were showing results after the national unemployment rate stayed at a steady 9.7 percent for February.

Obama, touring a small business in Arlington, Va., said that the 36,000 jobs lost last month was ‘actually better than expected’ considering the massive snowstorms that devastated the East Coast.


2 Responses

  1. 220-207. You lose. We win. America wins.

  2. See ya in November.

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