What’s Wrong With Sarah Palin Using Her Palm (pilot)?

Yes, I know there’s a big uproar over a few scribbled words on Sarah’s hand. But ferchrissakes people, a couple of words on a hand to remind you of a topic hardly stands up to what our “dear leader” does with his teleprompter.

Anyway, there is proof that Barack Hussein Obama uses the same system.

Sarah’s palm pilot.

And the message on BHO’s hand…

Yeah, who has the brains? 😉

h/t bonz @ GCP


10 Responses

  1. Heh. Good one!

  2. […] Former VP Candidate Sarah Palin does not want another Katie Couric moment. She had a big weekend with her tea party appearance. She also apparently had the jitters. Worried that she might lose her place or forget some key points, Palin apparently used the school kid method of writing note on her hand…(video below). What’s the difference between notes on the hand and Obama’s teleprompter?! He has demonstrated over and over again he can’t speak without it! Bob’s Bites website has a funny visual of the comparison here. […]

  3. Did he have a teleprompter when he took on the GOP’s a couple of weeks ago? Palin knew the questions and yet she still needed to be reminded of her core principles… If she’s all you got, good luck. You’ll need it…

  4. A teleprompter to talk to 6th graders, and you say we need luck?

  5. so you say cantor and boehner are sixth graders and you don’t need luck?

  6. Didn’t you just say he didn’t use a telepromter to talk to them? Keep your stories straight, and your talking points in order.

    However, he used a teleprompter to talk to a 6th grade class two weeks ago. Comprende?

  7. I didn’t say anything. I wrote something.. A question…You can read it again if you like… I mentioned nothing about 6th graders, that was your comment. I wrote GOP’s… Grand OLD Party… He didn’t need a teleprompter to talk to the brightest and best GOP’s. He didn’t have advance notice of the questions. Have you seen the polls lately, even your girl Sarah is sinking rapidly. And yes, GOOD LUCK trying to keep her afloat.

  8. Be gone child, momma has your milk and cookies ready upstairs.

  9. You guys are all the same…The minute you don’t like what you’re hearing you run. I can’t wait to read your next article of nonsense…

  10. Thanks for the traffic…

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