Party Affiliation: It’s All in the Mug

I picked up this little gem from Moonbattery.


10 Responses

  1. dang son. that 2nd group is so ugly they could scare a dawg off a meat truck

  2. Hubby sez I gotta link to that, m’Friend! Thank you for the best laugh of my day!

    And a bit of a pat on my lil haid for chosing the ‘right’ side!

  3. Yer quite welcome my dear. 😉

  4. Stolen.On Old Retired Petty Officer, Somewhere in the Antelope Valley and Cal City Chronicles, among the Joshua Trees at The Regiment. It was too good to pass up!

  5. Brains in the second group?
    I was once told that conservatives didn’t need to resort to personal jabs and they left that for the libs to do…Guess that’s not true. Aren’t you guys better than this? And let me guess, you call yourselves good Christians?
    Very sad indeed.

    Focus on the issues CC… You’re not good at comedy.

  6. Speaking ONLY for myself, I am not and have never claimed to be a “good Christian.” My faith is personal to me and no one’s business but my own & the others who live in my home. I claim NO religion, peaceful or not. What I AM is an American woman with a sense of humour.

    Seems to be lacking in some quarters…

    Tact is for people who aren’t intelligent enough to be sarcastic. Political Correctness KILLS. Love you, Robert, retiredpo1 & nuke, whether you’re Christian or not, GOOD or not!

    We now return you to NASCAR, since I’m in the process of making Daytona 500 Soup for the Big Day tomorrow!

    • Bravo KC! Love you too. 🙂

      Now, as you said, on to the business of Daytona. As you know, I’m pulling for Mark Martin. That said, I hope Junior is the one to push him across the finish line…

  7. Looks like I’ve made the bigtime, my own personal heckler!

    kc, I’m posting a video of Jr’s big wreck today…

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