Michael Yon Arrested By TSA For Not Disclosing Income

From Hot Air.

Thank goodness our Homeland Security people are on the job after the EunuchBomber botched attack on Christmas Day.  We certainly don’t want to have independent war correspondents passing through our airports without revealing their annual income:

Got arrested at the Seattle airport for refusing to say how much money I make. (The uniformed ones say I was not “arrested”, but they definitely handcuffed me.) Their videos and audios should show that I was polite, but simply refused questions that had nothing to do with national security. Port authority police eventually came — they were professionals — and rescued me from the border bullies.

When they handcuffed me, I said that no country has ever treated me so badly. Not China. Not Vietnam. Not Afghanistan. Definitely not Singapore or India or Nepal or Germany, not Brunei, not Indonesia, or Malaysia, or Kuwait or Qatar or United Arab Emirates. No county has treated me with the disrespect can that can be expected from our border bullies.

Read it all: Hot Air


4 Responses

  1. No county has treated me with the disrespect can that can be expected from our border bullies.

    Well, I know why that would happen, Michael – you’re not on a watch list, a no-fly list, and you’re not of Middle Eastern appearance! If you’d been a 50 year old nun who refused to remove your sensible stockings and crucifix, and then answered that you’re a bride of Christ, you’d be in REAL trouble.

  2. Also he probably screwed up by having a passport, paying with a credit card, buying in advance, having luggage……

  3. How many people do they screw with that are not widely read journalists? If they are screwing with Michael Yon, they are screwing with a LOT of other people, too.

  4. And what other questions are they asking?

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