Cheney Still Driving Them Crazy

Darth Cheney...Still getting the libs all wee-wee'd up

I needn’t comment on this any further…

It speaks eloquently to the Obama administration’s priorities that it took the White House four days to acknowledge the “catastrophic breach of security” that led to the failed bombing of a US-bound jet on Christmas Day — but a scant four hours to accuse Dick Cheney of coddling terrorists.

The former vice president Wednesday harshly criticized the administration’s efforts — or non-efforts — against terrorism. Whereupon, Team Obama went ballistic.


3 Responses

  1. If there has ever been and ever will be again, a politician I could have a major crush on – old as we are – it would be Dick Cheney. My admiration for him goes up every time he opens his mouth. I felt the same way about Don Rumsfeld.

  2. Yep, truely two of the good guys.

  3. They are alpha males, kc. The preening beta males in government now don’t measure up.

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