The Algore Effect: Huge Snowstorm Batters U.S.

Residents of Freeport, Ill., shovel a foot of snow AP photo

Just as the Goracle and his cronies ramp up the rhetoric for their annual back slapping party, Mother Nature gives us the real story, again.

DES MOINES, Iowa —  Frigid temperatures iced the Upper Midwest on Thursday as a deadly massive storm that dumped more than a foot of snow in several states from Iowa to New England neared the end of its cross-country trek.

The storm was blamed for at least 17 deaths, most in traffic accidents, in the Upper Midwest and New England. Hundreds of schools were closed, power was knocked out to thousands of people from Missouri to New York and hundreds of flights were canceled.

Commuters from Des Moines to Chicago were warned of morning temperatures reaching 10 degrees at best and icy roads. Wind chill values could dip to as low as minus 25 in parts of Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois, according to the National Weather Service.

“It’s already very cold across the entire region,” said Casey Sullivan, a weather service meteorologist in Romeoville, Ill., adding that parts of northern Illinois may hit only 2 degrees.

Des Moines, which saw 16 inches of snow by Wednesday, could see a high near 9 degrees but wind chill values could make temperatures feel like negative 25. In Madison, Wis., near where almost 19 inches of snow fell, the wind chill could hit minus 20, according to the weather service.

New England, also pounded by heavy snow and strong winds on Wednesday, expected temperatures to hover around freezing.

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