Happy Thanksgiving One And All!

I know, it’s a rerun from last year, but hey….it’s a classic.

Whatever you are thankful for, this is the day to express it. You need not be religious, you need not be American to share this day. Top on my list are the men and women in the military who keep us free to enjoy a day like this.




2 Responses

  1. Take away the suit, apron (well, frilly apron, anyway), cut glass, crowd, and wallpaper, that’s EXACTLY what we had yesterday. A beautiful bird, PERFECT (according to everyone else) gravy, and a lot of fun and laughter. And gratitude – a house overflowing with gratitude.

    Thanks, Bob!

  2. The only thing in that picture that fits here is what looks like stuffed celery. We had the bacon bird, tv trays and only three of us.
    But back in my childhood my great grandma did all the cooking and we ate at a big table and the turkey was treated just like in the picture. (suits and ties not required) Mom did it too until Dad died. It used to be a big deal but the family is so scattered now we just do it in a smaller scale.

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