Fewer Believe in Global Warming…Or Climate Change

The Kool-Aid is wearing off. But is it fast enough? Here are some great facts about the so called man made global warming.

The activists that have been pushing Global Warming had changed their language recently to Climate Change since, well, the planet is not warming.  Just last winter some tried to dismiss this by saying that natural forces will stop global warming for years or decades before returning. In fact, 2008 was the coolest year for the planet since 2000.  Sure there are reports about warming, but their is a discrepancy in the scientific community about the best way to measure global temperature.  The support for global warming comes from ground based weather stations, which has been shown to be flawed. In this report from surfacestations.org, 90% of US weather stations have been found to report temperatures too warm.  This has been attributed to factors such are placement on asphalt parking lots, and exhaust from buildings ventilation systems.  The satellite based temperature measurements, a system devised and perfected by Dr. Roy Spencer shows that the planet as actually been cooling on average in the past decade.

See the Pew research polls in the slide show below, as the support for human induced climate change has dropped from all spectrums (Republicans, Independents, and Democrats).  This also crosses regional boundaries…so it is not just the cooler Northeast or Great Lakes areas dismissing the claims.

From April 2008 to  October 2009, there were 1,500 people surveyed:

A comparable decline in the proportion of Americans who say global temperatures are rising as a result of human activity, such as burning fossil fuels. Just 36% say that currently, down from 47% last year.

See more poll questions and results in the  slide show below:

When world leaders claim that we have a benchmark approaching for no turning back, it seems a bit contrived.  The claims of how long we have left have contradicted themselves, as reported here last March.  Many stories have been covered here and by my predecessor are just a small sampling of the contradiction to what has been portrayed by the mass media.


2 Responses

  1. Does it matter that I don’t believe in it and have NEVER believed in it due to the citrus belt moving even further south in my lifetime?

  2. Just means you paid better attention than most. I like that about you. 😉

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