Part Of World Trade Center Becomes Warship

What could be more fitting? And two more to come.

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana —  The USS New York is heading from New Orleans to its namesake city on its maiden voyage Tuesday morning.

The warship is an amphibious transport dock ship that was built in Louisiana and named in honor of the victims of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. It incorporates in its construction nearly eight tons of steel salvaged from the fallen World Trade Center towers.

The USS New York left south Louisiana, where it was built, on Tuesday. The Navy will officially commission it in New York in early November.

A company spokesman says two ships under construction — Arlington and Somerset — will join the New York as 9-11 “tribute” ships.

Organizers of a “line the levees” event in the New Orleans area are expecting several thousand people to turn out for a send-off there.

Organizer Lola Lass says she expects a festive, patriotic scene. Flags were being handed out to people gathering at a riverfront park.

Thousands of workers helped build the ship at Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding’s yard in Avondale.



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