Gun Gets Mad, Shoots Three

You just can’t make this stuff up. Note that they don’t know what caused the gun to go off or how many times.

Idiots, guns don’t go off by themselves, especially multiple times.  🙄

LAKELAND, Fla. —  A Tampa couple and an Irish tourist were shot at a Lakeland gun range after a handgun accidentally fired.

Polk County sheriff’s deputies say it’s not entirely clear how many times Michael and Sherri Thourot’s 9mm accidentally went off Saturday, or what caused the handgun to fire. The pistol was a Jennings make.

The man in an adjacent stall, 29-year-old Gary Flynn, of Ireland, was most seriously injured. He underwent surgery after being hit in the shoulder and throat, and was listed in stable condition.

Michael Thourot was shot in the left hand, and Sherri Thourot was hit in the left arm. Both were also listed in stable condition.



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