PATRIOT DAY SEPTEMBER 11, 2009 Updated: Poll Added

I don’t care what the appeasers in charge want to call this day. It’s Patriot Day! Here are a few reminders what this day is all about.

Never forget why we haven’t been attacked since that day.

w and ffNow ask yourself, do you still feel safe?



6 Responses

  1. No, I don’t. And Obama can just fuck off.

    Service day my ass.

  2. I shoulda put up a poll.

  3. Hunh. Now that you have a poll, I suppose I can participate :grin:.

  4. Well, hell. My “other” vote was Obama can fuck off.


  5. My “other” vote – which I’m not sure will tally – was OH HELL NO! Have you SEEN his ‘advisors???’

  6. I think after you click other you can click on comments and put it there. I’ve never actually took the time to check before. 😕

    Oh, and I agree with your comment… 😉

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