Can’t Fix Cow Farts, Let’s Work on the Other End

EPA Approved Bovine

EPA Approved Bovine

Here we go again. Now they want to sweeten the breath of cows to stop global warming. These nutcases do not even realize how stupid they sound.

HIGHGATE, Vt. — Chewing her cud on a recent sunny morning, Libby, a 1,400-pound Holstein, paused to do her part in the battle against global warming, emitting a fragrant burp.

Libby, age 6, and the 74 other dairy cows on Guy Choiniere’s farm here are at the heart of an experiment to determine whether a change in diet will help them belch less methane, a potent heat-trapping gas that has been linked to climate change.

Since January, cows at 15 farms across Vermont have had their grain feed adjusted to include more plants like alfalfa and flaxseed — substances that, unlike corn or soy, mimic the spring grasses that the animals evolved long ago to eat.

As of the last reading in mid-May, the methane output of Mr. Choiniere’s herd had dropped 18 percent. Meanwhile, milk production has held its own.


Sweetening cow breath is a matter of some urgency, climate scientists say. Cows have digestive bacteria in their stomachs that cause them to belch methane, the second-most-significant heat-trapping emission associated with global warming after carbon dioxide. Although it is far less common in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, it has 20 times the heat-trapping ability. The Rest

H/T Tom Nelson

Udderly ridiculous. If they just wait a little while the problem will solve itself. Dairy cows are being slaughtered by the millions around the United States because dairy farmers can’t afford to feed them the regular food, let alone the new expensive stuff.

TURLOCK, Calif. (AP) — Hundreds of thousands of America’s dairy cows are being turned into hamburgers because milk prices have dropped so low that farmers can no longer afford to feed the animals.

Dairy farmers say they have little choice but to sell part of their herds for slaughter because they face a perfect storm of destructive economic forces. At home, feed prices are rising and cash-strapped consumers are eating out less often. Abroad, the global recession has cut into demand for butter and cheese exported from the U.S.

Prices for milk now are about half what it costs farmers to produce the staple, and consumer prices are falling. Unless the market can be bolstered, industry officials project that more than 1.5 million of the nation’s 9.3 million milking cows could be slaughtered this year as dairy operators look to cut costs and generate cash. The Rest

This is only the beginning. I hope you don’t like milk like I do, it will be very scarce soon. And you can see how this is going to work with all aspects of the green movement, the prices will drive the evil ones out of business, and that is their intent. Take a look at Govt. Motors, formerly known as General Motors. The EVIL car companies are #1 on the hit list, and Obama takes control and what is the first thing he does? He gives majority control to the very entity that caused the problem to begin with, the auto workers union. A payback for all the years of faithful Democrat support.

They, the Democrats and by extension the Greens, have total control now so look for them to take advantage of that at every opportunity.


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