Friday Quick Bites

Predator drones targeted by human rights activists

“This is not only a violation of the international laws of war,” he said. “It’s bad policy.”

Opponents of the drones say that the policy could be illegal. The laws of war allow individuals who are engaged in hostilities to be targeted in an armed conflict but strictly prohibit actions against those not engaged.

“Even when you’re attacking a legitimate military objective, you cannot cause civilian casualties that exceed the value of a legitimate military attack,” Rona says.

Human rights activists? How about you asshats stop the use of civilians as human shields, or stop the stoning of Muslim girls for talking to a male, or stop the rapes in Africa by United Nations workers. Now that would be a novel approach.

Mancow a lying twat punk about waterboard torture.

Video: Inventorying Pelosi

Leno’s last night

Although no one can replace Johnny Carson, Jay has done a fine job.

Kofi Annan still an idiot. Great minds think alike. My post. Honest, I did mine after reading headlines on Yahoo. (i don’t know if that’s a good thing or not) 😕

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