Mike Skinner Smorches The Wall

Race car drivers are sometimes thought of as less than athletes. Let’s put a soccer player, golfer, baseball player or basketball player in this truck and see if he gets out waving to the crowd. By the way, Mike drives for another athlete, Randy Moss.


9 Responses

  1. I did that on a bridge with a F250. I had it towed, refused an ambulance, caught a ride home, picked up another truck and went back to work.

  2. I know you are a an athlete swampie. All one has to do is read your stories of a normal day in the life of SwampWoman to know that. 😉

  3. A few years back, Geoff Bodine hit the wall at Daytona a little bit harder.

  4. Good luck in that budget vote.

  5. smorch?
    That’s a good un

  6. I voted 3 weeks ago. No on everything except 1F, the one that limits raises for the pols. I hope the foreigner that runs this state will give up before ’10 when his term is up.

  7. Smorch….yeah, I want to take credit for that one, but back in the early 80’s when Jackie Stewart was an announcer for the Indy 500 someone hit the wall (i can’t remember just who right now) and he said “he just smorched the wall” and it stuck with me.

  8. I’ve been waiting anxiously for results, but I’ll probably be asleep before the polls close! DAMN YOU, California, and your time zone!

  9. I can’t get any early results either. Local news may have something at 5.

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