It’s Not Nice to Lie About Mother Nature

The Global Warming Cult will be real disappointed in the way mother nature is conspiring against them to expose their scam.  Arctic ice is thicker than expected, ski season in the southern hemisphere is starting Five Weeks Early, the “Catlin Trio” still can’t reach the North Pole and a three man expedition to reach Greenland in a “Carbon Free” boat had to be rescued……….by an Oil Tanker!

As the clock ticks down towards December’s historic UN Copenhagen conference on climate change, the frenzied efforts of the warmists to panic us over all that vanishing Arctic and Antarctic ice are degenerating into farce.

That great authority Ban Ki-moon, the UN’s Secretary-General, solemnly tells us that the polar ice caps are “melting far faster than was expected just two years ago”. Yet the latest satellite information from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (passed on by the Watts Up With That blog) shows that, after the third slowest melt of April Arctic ice in 30 years, the world’s polar sea ice is in fact slightly above its average extent for early May since satellite records began in 1979.

This news came as the website was reporting “It’s snowing all over the world”. Snow was still falling in the Alps after a record winter, while in the southern hemisphere the skiing season was starting “five weeks early”.

Meanwhile, up in the Arctic, after yet another delay for bad weather, the hapless Catlin trio, sponsored by an insurance firm which hopes to make money out of alarm over global warming, continue their painful progress towards the distant North Pole, measuring the ice with an old tape measure and assuring Prince Charles by satellite telephone that it is “thinner than expected”.

When the trio heard a passing aircraft, which they hoped was bringing much-needed supplies, they little realised it was a DC-3 carrying an international team of scientists, using the latest electro-magnetic induction equipment to discover rather more efficiently that the ice was in fact “twice as thick” as they had expected.

A last symbolic drama was the fate of another three-man expedition aiming to publicise the effects of climate change. Followed by schools across Britain, they were aiming to reach Greenland in a “carbon-free” boat powered only by wind and the sun. Last week, after running into appalling weather, they were rescued by – it had to be – a US oil tanker. I wonder whether the schoolchildren were told.


!UPDATE! It appears the “Catlin Trio” are giving up. Check it out at Watt’s Up With That?


5 Responses

  1. Hey Bob! My Favorite Old Guy won again!!!

    I love Mark Martin.

  2. Yes he did! 11th in points now too.

  3. LMAO! Once again,the level of ignorance here in right wingnut land never ceases to amaze.Looks like more graduates of the “Dumbya” college of “ignore the science”.What a sad crew of fact denying fools.

  4. Have some more Kool-Aid fool.

  5. […] dog won’t hunt. It was debunked in May of this year and I blogged about it HERE. Meanwhile, up in the Arctic, after yet another delay for bad weather, the hapless Catlin trio, […]

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