Edwards Flips, Keselowski Wins

In one of the most exciting  finishes at Talladega, which is known for exciting finishes, a newcomer isn’t intimidated by the veteran and wins in spectacular fashion.

Congratulations Brad Keselowski. And lets not forget the car owner. James Finch is a long time car owner that operates with limited funds and always has good equipment at the races. Job well done on both sides.


2 Responses

  1. It sure wasn’t dull!!!

    After the first crash that took out My Favorite Old Guy, I heard one of the guys in the booth say (and I paraphrase) the race could well be won by someone who’s never won at Talladega, or even someone who’s never won a Series race…and sho nuff, that’s EXACTLY what happened! LOVE it!

    I adore Carl Edwards, that was a classy, adorable move & I choked up some as he landed both feet on the finish line. And young Keselowski (WHO??? Driving for WHO???) richly deserved this win by driving like a DRIVER!

    Best race I’ve seen in years, I think…

  2. Carl is a class act. And it was the most exciting race I’ve seen in a while.

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