Somebody Noticed: Antarctic Ice Is Growing…

Ice is expanding in much of Antarctica, contrary to the widespread public belief that global warming is melting the continental ice cap.

The results of ice-core drilling and sea ice monitoring indicate there is no large-scale melting of ice over most of Antarctica, although experts are concerned at ice losses on the continent’s western coast.

Antarctica has 90 percent of the Earth’s ice and 80 percent of its fresh water, The Australian reports. Extensive melting of Antarctic ice sheets would be required to raise sea levels substantially, and ice is melting in parts of west Antarctica. The destabilization of the Wilkins ice shelf generated international headlines this month.

However, the picture is very different in east Antarctica, which includes the territory claimed by Australia.

East Antarctica is four times the size of west Antarctica and parts of it are cooling. The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research report prepared for last week’s meeting of Antarctic Treaty nations in Washington noted the South Pole had shown “significant cooling in recent decades.”

Australia Antarctic Division glaciology program head Ian Allison said sea ice losses in west Antarctica over the past 30 years had been more than offset by increases in the Ross Sea region, just one sector of east Antarctica.

“Sea ice conditions have remained stable in Antarctica generally,” Allison said.

Ice core drilling in the fast ice off Australia’s Davis Station in East Antarctica by the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Co-Operative Research Center shows that last year, the ice had a maximum thickness of 1.89m, its densest in 10 years.

A paper to be published soon by the British Antarctic Survey in the journal Geophysical Research Letters is expected to confirm that over the past 30 years, the area of sea ice around the continent has expanded.  Source

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We hear a lot about the collapse of the Wilkens Ice Shelf in Antarctica. The Media love to show the collapse year after year and howl about the warming that is taking place. But there is no problem, it is an Annual Event. It’s typical of the Global Warming Cult to be less than honest about events like this.


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  1. DAMN those people!

    /Probably why the U.S. is “limiting” the amount of people that can go to Antarctica to 500 per year, with only 100 debarking.

    Just HTF does Obama get to decide WTF goes to Antarctica, anyway?

  2. Well dear leader can’t have his subjects acting like free people or anything.

  3. How else can obama take over the world .He reminds me of the cartoon pinky and the brain. He has to control all aspects of our lives,right down to cow farts that he will soon tax.

  4. Obama now worried that the jig might be up and if he gets caught with the truth that theearth is really cooling he can say that he had his crack scientist seed the atmosphere with special fairy dust that brought the tempeture down .ALL HAIL THE GREAT LEADER

  5. Total control is the plan iceholeman. Has been from the start. The Global Warming Scam is just a tool to get there.

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