You Have GOT to be Sh!tting Me….

This is the future of General Motors?


From Rush Limbaugh

Have you seen the story about General Motors making the deal with the makers of the Segway machine?  Basically they’re going to have a wheelchair with a motor and a passenger compartment in there.  You can’t call it a wheelchair with an engine.  You gotta call it a wheelchair with a motor.  They’ve got their little prototype here zipping around.  Top speed, which means it will never be reached, 35 miles an hour.  Top range, 35 miles.  It’s electric.  You plug it in.  I just shudder to see what is happening to this once great country, which dreamed big, built big, expanded big, and here we’re taking ourselves back to the Stone Age under a false premise of climate destruction, global warming, or what have you.  Look, Snerdley, if all these newfangled electric contraptions haven’t caught on, why the hell — you’re going to have your oddballs, fringe kooks and weirdos driving around in these things.  Have you seen it?  There’s no way they can be safe.  How can they put an airbag in one of these things?

It’s the most ridiculous looking thing, and I know that the long-haired, maggot-infested, sandal-wearing crowd will be driving around in these things heading off to Whole Foods, but once you get to Whole Foods what the hell are you going to put in this thing to take home?  I don’t know.  It’s funny, it’s sad at the same time you look at all this.  You just wonder, what the hell is happening here?  This is not leadership.  This is giving in.  This is crying uncle.

Read It All…. GM to Make Wheelchair with Motor.


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  1. *sigh* Yeah, great idea, take something that nobody wanted and double it.

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