Saturday, 8:30 PM: TURN THOSE LIGHTS ON!

And grill with charcoal, have a bon fire, take a joy ride, mow the lawn, burn winter debris, run the a/c, do some laundry, run the dishwasher, eat some beans……you get the idea. The whole annual Earth Hour is such a farce we have to protest it somehow. Read a bit of what Alan Caruba has to say.

They call it pollution-We call it Civilization

They call it pollution-We call it Civilization

We have reached this nauseating time in our society as the result of a vast environmental movement, truly worldwide, that are masters of propaganda and possessed of the millions necessary to brainwash a lot of people into accepting an endless assault on all the advancements in science, engineering, and technology we accept as part of our everyday lives.

So, naturally, the World Wildlife Fund has come up with “Earth Hour”, an event in which at 8:30PM, Saturday night, in everyone’s respective time zone, people will be asked to turn off their lights and, presumably, the use of all electricity to increase awareness of “energy conservation.”

Two questions: What does this have to do with wildlife? And why should anyone bother?

What need is there to “conserve energy?” One either uses it or does not. You can’t “conserve” it. You can use more or less of it, but you cannot save it up for later. Electricity is always “now.”

Is the Earth running out of coal? Hardly, the Chinese can’t build coal-fired plants fast enough to generate the electricity to grow their economy. In India, they’re launched on a huge program to build nuclear plants for the same reason. A nation without adequate electricity is strictly Third World.

Nor is the Earth running out of oil? The rumor is that there’s vast amounts in the Arctic and both the U.S. and Russia are making nasty noises at one another to ensure that neither one or the other gains control of it. Brazil just struck oil way offshore of its beautiful beaches and you don’t hear them complaining about it.

Read all of it HERE.

!Update! Michelle Malkin has joined in. She has a great video there. Leave the lights on: Celebrate Human Achievement Hour


2 Responses

  1. I forgot about it. Of course, I was cooking and watching tv and the computer while I forgot about it, so I suppose that counts as a “Human Achievement Hour” moment.

  2. Swampie, with your work ethic, every hour is Human Achievement Hour.

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