Big Dog Revisited

Readers here had a big heads up on the latest military addition.

The U.S. military is calling out the “BigDogs” in addition to its big guns as it deploys more troops to fight terrorists in Afghanistan.

The BigDogs — four-legged robots that can navigate the country’s treacherous terrain — and pilotless helicopters than can transport tons of supplies to very remote bases are just two of the new weapons being tested in Afghanistan.

The war zone is increasingly becoming a development laboratory for machines that don’t eat, sleep, polish their boots or suffer casualties. But can they succeed where man struggles?

It takes a moment for the senses even to comprehend BigDog, a four-legged robot that vaguely resembles a headless pack animal.

The Rest Here.

Bob’s Bites Brought you the story of the Big Dog exactly one year ago. Here’s the original with video

Big Dog Gets Off The Porch

I don’t know where they’re headed with this creation, but it’s sure to give you a heart attack if you come across it in the woods.

Boston Dynamics just released a new video of the Big Dog on ice and snow, and also demoing its walking gait.

Here’s an updated video of the Big Dog.


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