What’s The Goracle Afraid Of?

Al Gore is getting more and more paranoid about the media. He won’t debate, he won’t even answer any questions except from friendly questioners like the U. N. And now he bans the media entirely. What’s he afraid of? He knows he’s a fraud and a liar and if he answers any questions everyone else will know too.

No Questions Please

No Questions Please

Al Gore — something of a geek himself, from what we hear — will be keynoting the CTIA Wireless mobile phone conference next month.

But don’t expect the speech to be webcast — it’s not supposed to be reported: Al Gore is banning press from the event.

Gore’s people have announced:

“Special Notice: Photography, recording, webcasting and any other reproduction of Vice President Al Gore’s speaking appearance is strictly prohibited. VP Gore’s keynote address is closed to the press.”

We’re told a security detail will be checking conference badges at the door, and anyone with a press pass will be denied entry to the speech.

Gore pulled the same stunt last year at 2008 RSA security conference. And we don’t even know why he banned press from RSA — word of the speech got out, of course, and Gore’s talk turned out to be the same old stump speech about global warming he always gives.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for any bombshells at the April 3 speech we’re not supposed to write about. But consider this: It’s a mobile phone conference, meaning everyone there will probably have a top-shelf portable device for capturing audio, video, you-name-it on their person. Gore can ban whomever he likes, but word will get out. Consider it an inconvienent truth.


h/t Tom Nelson

!Update!Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has more on this story.


2 Responses

  1. He’s probably afraid that if the word gets out that he’s got the SOS as all the other speeches, nobody is going to wanna pay for it.

  2. His scam is falling apart, and he wants to milk it as much as he can. The need to charge him like they did Bernie Madoff. There’s not much difference between the two.

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