Thursday Evening Quick Bites

Duh One Just Can’t Find Good Any Help

Maybe they’ve seen him at work for the last 50 days.

Obama vs. Miss South Carolina
Ya  just gotta see this!

How Fitting: Joe Biden To Preside Over RAT Board.

Gallup Poll: 41% of Americans now say Global Warming is Exaggerated

Troops To The Mexican Border? Let’s Hope So.

Mexican Drug Lord Makes Forbes List

The Lame Anti-Rush Billboard–And a Response
This is another Must See!


3 Responses

  1. Well, damn, the Democrats should combine all of their brainpower to come up with even more slogans critical of Rush. Erect them all over the state! We’ll be glad to take their money and laugh at them.

  2. Yeah swampie, all the can do is distract us from the shitty job they’ve done so far. They act like a bunch of college kids that suddenly got what they were yelling for, and found out it’s tooooo haaaaard…..

  3. […] Thursday Evening Quick Bites […]

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