Duh One Still Has No Clue


When will someone tell him he works for us? He has no respect for the office of POTUS.

A Gridiron Club member tells FBDC first that President Obama will not attend this year’s dinner next Saturday, March 21st. He will be the first president since Grover Cleveland not to attend the first Gridiron Club Dinner of his presidency.
This year’s date coincides with the spring break of President Obama’s daughters’ school and club members have been informed the Obama family will be out of town, likely in Chicago.

Vice President Joe Biden will attend and speak at the dinner in his place. This member tells us the club is delighted to have Vice President Biden, but that there will be some very disappointed guests.

Each year the dinner includes satirical musical skits choreographed by the members, and remarks by the president and various members of each party. President Obama spoke as a Senator at the March 2006 dinner.

The Gridiron Club was founded in 1885 and this year will be the 124th dinner. Membership is by invitation only and its 65 members include the most prestigious journalists in Washington. Source

Not very cool Barry. We, er, uh, THEY, hired you to work every day for the next four years 24 hours a day as needed. That means following traditions. You’ve already screwed up with Britian. Get a clue about what the job is really about. What the hell are you doing taking every weekend off, having parties during the week, while the country is falling apart? Your family does NOT come before your country. You signed up for this job, now do it! You’ve failed miserably so far.

Oh yeah, and sending Joe “the goof” Biden only adds insult to injury.

h/t Hot Air


4 Responses

  1. and the horses he rode into the W/H on.

  2. Who knew he was expected to actually w-o-r…..w-o-r….work when he became President? Sounds like some racist expectations.

  3. I know swampie, how dare they expect him to work after that 2 year campaign?

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