Scare Tactics of the Global Warming Cult

Visit The Heartland Institute for details on the upcoming International Conference on Climate Change, March 8-10, 2009 in New York. The theme of the conference is: “Global warming: was it ever really a crisis?”

H/T Right Side News

3 Responses

  1. That was a great video! What most people don’t realize is that there are HUGE financial incentives behind the people doing the global warming schtick.

    Would you be honest if the price for being otherwise was in the hundreds of dollars? Probably, although some people could be bought with waaaay less. (Having run a construction business, I was solicited for bribes often.) How about if the price was in the hundreds of thousands? How about in the hundreds of millions?

    What would my price be to suddenly sing the praises of global warming and carbon caps and windmill power? Well, I expect it would have to be substantial enough so that I could afford my power bills, because they’re going to go up exponentially.

  2. There’s a lot of “green” job opportunities out there right now. But just how does a person sleep at night when you make your living lying to people?

  3. That “green” electricity is going to be out of reach, price wise, for the po’ folks and some of the middle class folks.

    I suppose that’s the idea.

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