More Science Fiction From The Global Warming Cult

This is straight out of An Inconvenient Truth. Then they add some gloom and doom hysterics for good measure. And all while we head into the next ice age.

WASHINGTON – Melting ice from global warming may raise sea levels even more than had been expected, an analysis suggests. Long-term melting of ice in Antarctica and other areas could raise sea levels by 16 feet to 17 feet, previous studies have indicated. But a report in Friday’s edition of the journal Science warns that factors not previously considered could boost that increase to up to 21 feet in some areas.

Earlier research has focused on melting ice adding water to the oceans and on thermal expansion of sea water in a warmer climate.

In the new report geophysicist Jerry X. Mitrovica and physics graduate student Natalya Gomez of the University of Toronto, Canada, and Oregon State University geoscientist Peter Clark, say other factors need to be considered.

_When an ice sheet melts, its gravitational pull on the ocean is reduced and water moves away from it. That means sea levels could fall near Antarctica and rise more than expected in the northern hemisphere.

_Antarctic bedrock that currently sits under the weight of the ice sheet will rebound from the weight, pushing some water out into the ocean.

_The melting of the West Antarctic ice sheet will cause the Earth’s rotation axis to shift, potentially moving water northward.

“The net effect of all of these processes is that if the West Antarctic ice sheet collapses, the rise in sea levels around many coastal regions will be as much as 25 per cent more than expected,” Mitrovica said in a statement.

Those are some good old scare tactics right out of The Goracle’s Global Warming Handbook. The 20ft sea level rise has been debunked even by the gloworms themselves. The Antarctic ice is growing, not melting.  And that axis shift, pure science fiction gold! And notice how it all is unprovable. Just words, just speeches, just theories…..



2 Responses

  1. Told my wife about global warming bringing down the plane and gave her the explanation of Time. Her eyes just stopped rolling now. lol

    Global warming is real – F
    Wind Turbines don’t make noise – F
    We are out of oil -F
    We face a severe water crisis- F- the earth has the same amt.of water it always had- no one pulled the plug, so the water can’t go anywhere. It may not rain in the same place in the same amt. but that’s the way its always been and always will be.

    To find the truth I flip the story 180 even if I think it’s true.
    Then I do my research. If my research backs me up on the flip I go with it. Kind of like how we were taught to back check math.

    Same as Orwellian Doublespeak. I read the book again after 30 yrs. You can almost predict the next moves of the govt. and the UN from the book.

    If you want the truth behind almost anything you read, see or hear from the main stream media.

    Flip it 180 and you should be very close to the truth.

    I been doing this for quite some time and it’s amazing how well it works.

    Saves time to.

    We need to figure out how to educate people and educate them fast.

    People are really making me scratch my head. How can they be so dumb. I’ve got squirrels in my back yard smarter than most people I talk to. lol


  2. People are really making me scratch my head. How can they be so dumb. I’ve got squirrels in my back yard smarter than most people I talk to. lol

    Roger that! I fear there is going to be a rude awakening in the next 4 years. But when we come out of the funk, things will be good again. Kinda like after Carter, the nation came to it’s senses for a bit. The collective memory seems to be getting shorter.

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