Ethanol Brought Down Flight 1549

Hey, wasn't me.

Hey, wasn't me.

What? You say jets don’t burn ethanol? Well, Time Magazine is trying to blame Global Warming,  and they don’t burn that either.  I think there’s a better argument for ethanol.

Did global warming dump U.S. Airways flight 1549 into the Hudson River by attracting more geese to New York airports? Time Magazine says yes. Time notes a four-fold increase in airplane bird strikes since 1990, and blames global warming and destruction of wild bird habitat for the increased collisions.

Time reached the wrong conclusion. Research indicates we should blame the prosaic corn harvester-and perhaps our attempt to expand corn production for biofuels. Canada geese numbers have increased five-fold since 1970 for one overwhelming reason -farmers’ expanding use of those big corn picker-shellers. The big bright-colored harvesters now roar across the fields every autumn, picking the ears and shelling the corn kernels. With millions of tons of loose corn, some inevitably trickles to the ground, where the geese cheerfully snack it up.

Canadian researchers found the geese had switched their food supply almost entirely since 1970, from a diet of marsh plant rhizomes in winter and early spring to eating mostly corn and young grass shoots.  The marshes aren’t overgrazed, because the extra geese are feeding in fields and pastures.

Maybe a better word for what brought down flight 1549 is GREED. (follow the money)

Meanwhile, farmers have been planting still more corn, on every possible corner of the eastern seaboard, to get their share of those ethanol subsidies. Corn planting expanded about 50 percent in the mid-Atlantic States from 2002-2006, according to Virginia Tech, with comparable increases in New York and Pennsylvania.



4 Responses

  1. Bob ~ I hope that you don’t believe that ‘bird’ story! I don’t know what caused the engine to fail but it wasn’t a bird! Did they find any feathers on the plane or in the engine?

  2. Yes raymonty, the last I heard they found bird parts in the engines.
    But I heard Geraldo the other night all riled and waving papers around yelling about a cover-up, so never fear, we’re sure to get to the bottom of it……or maybe an empty vault.

  3. Glad I don’t read Time.
    Hell, Toronto Star today in Canada
    Front page- Obama with a freakin halo no less.

    Coldest winter in recent memory and Time is blaming global warming for bringing down the plane.

    I think I enjoyed life more when I was told to practice “duck and cover” because the Russians were going to bomb us.

    At least that crock of bull didn’t destroy everything like this phony global warming nonsense.

    A commie plot to destroy us from the inside.

    The terrorists reside in our halls of power.

    Interesting times ahead!


  4. Hey Ron. I know what you mean. We’re being torn apart from within. Take a look at my latest post. Science fiction at it’s best from the Global Warming Cult.

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