Another Global Warming Nut-case

This is another story that needs to be filed under, You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up! A Global Warming Cultist by the name of  Hashem Akbari, of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory wants to paint the world white to slow down global warming. (although it stopped in ’98 ) Here is part of this enviro-nut’s idea.

Akbari is now working to launch a campaign to paint the world white and wants the largest cities in the world to initiate a united effort to reflect more solar energy by replacing dark-surfaces like roads and roofs with something more reflecting.

This simple solution could usher in dramatic results as studies have repeatedly shown that buildings with white roofs stay cooler in summer.

The change reduces the amount of heat in built up areas allowing people to switch off air conditioning.

White surfaces dramatically increase the amount of reflected heat reducing the need of air conditioning. Akbari has received support from groups in several US cities including Houston, Chicago and Salt Lake City. Akbari maintains that his plan is more practical than other geo-engineering ideas.

Michael Duvinak of Skeptic’s Global Warming asks: Just how much is this scheme going to cost the taxpayers?

I have to ask: Who’s going to pay the hospital bills for the eye problems, headaches, car crashes? And that is just from the glare alone. I take it this Akbari fellow has never spent much time in the snow. Idiot. The ideas just get weirder as the cult gets more desperate.



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  1. […] in January I posted this. Another Global Warming Nut-case. I never thought such a stupid idea could possibly be considered as a real solution to […]

  2. This is not a stupid Idea…I was part of the team using a white roof for the satyam experiment in India.
    White roofs do not blind!they reflect the Near Infra Red Radiation in Cold form. Not letting heat happen!
    And which idiot drives cars on roofs?? The pavements/roads are to be incorporated with microspheres to reflect.
    check this fr complete info before calling one of the finest Scientists in Heat Island Mitigation and Cool Roofs, Dr. Hashem Akbari ,a Nutcase!

    Rajpal Navalkar
    MD. Thermoshield India.

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