Methane on Mars? Better call Al

I'm only here to help you

I'm only here to help you

Scientists have discovered methane in Mars’ atmosphere, raising the possibility that life might exist on the planet.

The methane could have come from past or present subsurface microorganisms, geological activity or comets striking the planet, scientists and NASA officials said. Scientists were not sure how long the methane has been on the planet.

Methane — four atoms of hydrogen bound to a carbon atom — is the main component of natural gas on Earth. It’s of interest to astrobiologists because organisms release much of Earth’s methane as they digest nutrients. Other purely geological processes, like oxidation of iron, also release methane.

“It’s time, it’s prudent that we begin to explore Mars looking for the possibility of a life form that’s exhaling methane,” said Lisa Pratt, professor of geological sciences at Indiana University, at a NASA news briefing Thursday.

“So we can start regulating it as soon as possible! If we let this go, the seas will rise 20 feet! The meat-eating Martians are to blame! We need to tax any life form that may be emitting this Methane! Call the EPA! Call AL! Our future is at risk!”

That last paragraph is mine, but it does seem to fit. As long as we’re calling Al, can we send him to investigate?

Here’s The Rest

American Thinker takes a somewhat more serious approach.


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  1. He looks a bit full of methane himself, don’t he?

  2. I will be ROFLMAO for weeks on this one.

    Definitely home page material.

    Rock on!

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