Awww, Dead Pirates. What a Shame

It appears five Somali “pirates” (pirates my ass, they’re just terrorists in a boat) won’t be spending their share of the $3 million ransom they received this week.


MOGADISHU, Somalia – Five of the pirates who hijacked a Saudi supertanker drowned with their share of a $3 million ransom, a relative said Saturday, the day after the bundle of cash was apparently dropped by parachute onto the deck of the ship.

The Sirius Star and its 25 crew sailed safely away Friday at the end of a two-month standoff in the Gulf of Aden, where pirates attacked over 100 ships last year. Hundreds more kidnapped sailors remain in the hands of pirates.

The drowned pirates’ boat overturned in rough seas, and family members were still looking for four missing bodies, said Daud Nure, another pirate who knew the men involved.

Too bad they all didn’t go to Davey Jones’ locker. But never fear, in true terrorist fashion, it’s not their fault for getting killed during the commission of a crime.

Abukar Haji, uncle of one of the dead pirates, blamed the naval surveillance for the accident that killed his pirate nephew Saturday.

“The boat the pirates were traveling in capsized because it was running at high speed because the pirates were afraid of an attack from the warships patrolling around,” he said.

“There has been human and monetary loss but what makes us feel sad is that we don’t still have the dead bodies of our relatives. Four are still missing and one washed up on the shore.”

Pirate Daud Nure said three of the eight passengers had managed to swim to shore after the boat overturned in rough seas. He was not part of the pirate operation but knew those involved.

“Here in Haradhere the news is grim, relatives are looking for their dead,” he said.

Looking for the dead? No, it’s grim because the money went down with the terrorists. Too bad all of them didn’t drown. Good Riddance!



2 Responses

  1. Hey, cheer up! Some of the relatives will undoubtedly drown looking for the loot.

  2. Ah yes, maybe we can have a boat swarm, like a car swarm but with better chances for death. Thanks swampie!

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