Octopus Destroys Wind Turbine (video update)

Lindsey Parnaby / newsteam. 8/1/2009

Damaged wind turbine near Grainsthorpe in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom on 08 January 2009. Locals reported seeing strange lights flying at speed in the sky at 4am in the morning GMT before awaking to the damaged 300ft electricity generator. Credit: Lindsey Parnaby / newsteam. 8/1/2009

Dozens of residents claimed to have seen bright flashing spheres is the skies near Louth, Lincolnshire, where a 290ft turbine was mangled in a mystery collision.

One woman said she saw the an object fly towards the wind farm, while others described the lights as being linked by “tentacles”, leading locals to dub it the octopus UFO.

Dorothy Willows, who lives a mile and a half from the crash site, said: “The lights were moving across the sky towards the wind farm. Then I saw a low flying object. It was skimming across the sky towards the turbines.”

Later on Sunday night, one of a turbine’s 65ft blades was ripped off and another severely damaged.

The Health and Safety Executive described the damage as a “unique incident”, and the energy firm Ecotricity which owns the 20-turbine site say it has no explanation.

“We are struggling to find an answer, yes, and it has been quite interesting to read the reports in the press about what people have seen,” Dale Vince from the company told BBC Radio Four’s Today programme..

“It sounds unbelievable but actually we don’t have any explanation at the moment.


!!UPDATE!! Here’s the video.

I have a clue for them.

In the Phoenix case, the UFO became an IFO, an Identified Flying Object. The 2008 Phoenix Lights case was a hoax, created by road flares tied to helium balloons. The hoaxer admitted it, and eyewitnesses reported seeing him do it.

In both cases, all the evidence points to a hoax: The lights moved independently like floating objects, not fixed lights on an aircraft; they moved together in the same direction as the wind; they did not show up on radar; and the lights extinguished in exactly the pattern we would expect from flares, going out one by one.


Freezing Temperatures, Ice, Wind and some Pranksters with a bit of technology. The “Octopus” just got in the wrong wind stream and….

There you go. Case closed. You’re welcome.


7 Responses

  1. Damn those destructive space octopi! Damn them to hell!

    That’s going to be a little difficult to explain on the insurance form, isn’t it?

    “So, Mr. Steedly-Williams, I note on your accident report that your multi-million pound wind turbine was destroyed when it was attacked by a space octopus or octopi unknown, is that correct?”

  2. I saw some of those octopi, back in the ’70s. 😆

  3. Apparently some of the wind turbines had been sneaky pissing off at night to make crop circles when they were supposed to be making electricity. They would have gotten away with it, too, if not for the unfortunate accident that injured Nigel. He’s been sentenced to being melted down to make toasters as an example to the others.


  4. You would think they would’ve learned from the Malcom example.

  5. Apparently they don’t work so well in icy weather, either. You know….when they’re really needed.

  6. The battery will cost more than the turbine, methinks. What a waste.

  7. Right you are, Robert D. It isn’t about CO2, wind power, hydroelectric power, solar power, nuclear power…..it is about control.

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