Global Warming and Football

I’ve been thinking about what the Liberals in general, and the Global Warming Cult in particular, remind me of. Always frantic, always loud, always using questionable tactics and always throwing out one lie after another, until it becomes their version of the truth. Now someone has come up with a comparison. Michael Duvinak was watching some football……

As I watched the games, I realized that there is a parallel between American football and the global warming debate. The superior teams have invested time and energy into developing a game plan and understand the weaknesses of their opponent. The dominant players are focused at the task at hand: to either move the ball down the field for a score or prevent the opposing team’s offense from getting the ball into the end zone. Once down by a couple of touchdowns late in the game, the losing team starts to make mistakes. They jump off the line before the ball is snapped. They fumble the football. They can’t read the opposing team’s defense and are either sacked for a loss or throw an interception. Penalties mount until it’s third-and-forever from their own end zone. In the end, the losing team will try any trick play to win. The odds are infinitely small but desperation is their only hope.

Sound familiar?

After listening to global warming alarmists go on for years about the warming planet, the melting Arctic, the hurricanes and everything else that goes along with global warming, the climate skeptics have come out of the locker room in the second half on fire. We’re up by three touchdowns now going late into the fourth quarter. The planet has cooled precipitously over the last two years. The planet hasn’t warmed in the last decade. Big carbon doesn’t seem to have a grasp on global temperatures any longer. Scientists are backing away from the global warming myth. The Arctic ice has rebounded like nothing seen in years. Arctic sea ice is back to levels not seen in almost three decades. Hurricane seasons are average at best. Some in the governments, and press, of the world have gone so far as to call global warming a myth.

Time is running out.

You’ve Got To Read The Rest!

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